Chevrolet Camaro to end with murdered-out ‘Panther’ edition

The special Collector’s Edition commemorates the send off of the sixth-generation Camaro, which will end production next year


Chevrolet has today announced that the current sixth-gen Camaro will bow out with a run of special Collector’s Edition models, with the sixth-gen to end production in 2024.

The Collector’s Edition package can be optioned by customers on 2024 LT/RS, LT1, SS and ZL1 trim levels, with orders open from June 15 in the US.

All models besides the ZL1 will be sprayed in a Panther Black Metallic paint, while the ZL1 variants will wear a matte version of the Panther Black colour (the first matte finish paint offered by Chevrolet). The Panther name pays tribute to the Camaro’s original code name during its development in the 1960s.

Other features of the package include unique satin black striping, 20-inch satin black wheels and a front splitter for the 1LE variant and rear wing for the ZL1.

A panther is also integrated in the R in the Camaro badges on the sides, as well as the steering wheel badge. Black accents feature throughout the interior, as well as Collector’s Edition-badged floormats.

Buyers will also receive a welcome kit with their cars, which includes two posters commemorating the history of the Chevy Camaro.

Only the ZL1 variant is marked to have a cap on the models produced at 350 units. Pricing for the Collector’s Edition package on the basic 1LT starts at US$4995 (AU$7,498), up to $US14,995 (AU$22,511) for the top range ZL1.

The package is exclusive to the US market, with sixth-gen Camaros not being sold in Australia since GMSV (formerly HSV) ended their importation RHD conversion Camaro program in April 2020.

The news of the sixth-gen being phased out is nothing new, with reports dating back to July 2021 indicating the current Camaro would be chopped by 2024, but the nameplate would likely remain to be used on a new EV in place of the V8 coupe.

While Chevy has yet to confirm the replacement for the sixth-gen Camaro, we do know the final examples of the current car will wrap up production in January 2024.

As part of confirmed the final 2024 line up for the Camaro, Chevy also stated the turbo four cylinder variant will be dropped, with buyers now only able to choose between V6 and V8 models.