Auction watch: XY GTHO, HT GTS Monaro, VL Calais Turbo

A genuine XY GTHO Phase III Falcon headlines a bunch of toughies up for auction by Seven82Motors


Key Points

  • Genuine XY Falcon GTHO Phase III hits the block
  • Auction opens November 29, closes December 6
  • VL Calais Turbo, HT Monaro Bathurst, LX Torana hatch and plenty more up for grabs

The Seven82Motors December classic car auction is gearing up to be one of the biggest of the year, with a genuine XY GTHO Phase III Falcon leading the charge in a bumper field of seriously desirable cars.

The ‘HO is a July-built 1971 specimen, wearing a refreshed version of the original yellow ochre paint. It has travelled 82,500 miles with a small pool of owners, with all the original running gear intact and plenty of documentation.

It feels almost dangerous to try and guess how much will be needed to re-home it, but we’d expect numbers over AU$700,000 as a minimum in this climate.

There’s also an XY GT replica and an XW GS sedan crossing the block if you’re after a more budget friendly Falcon of this shape, as well as this genuine XA GT coupe.

The GT has undergone a restoration in recent years, retaining the white interior and yellow glow paint, along with some beefy upgrades to the matching numbers 351 Clevo.

XA-XB GTs have been selling for between AU$100,000-$150,000 in both sedan and coupe form at auctions of late, so we’d expect this XA to fetch similar money. If you want a Ford coupe that’s a tad cheaper, there’s also an XA GT replica and an XB GS hardtop to be found in the auction listings.

Don’t worry Holden fans, we’ve got a whole suite of for you to choose from – including a genuine, matching numbers HQ GTS 350 sedan.

The original paint has been resprayed to the signature GTS Barbados green with black stripes, but the original 350-cube V8 remains with a turbo 400 behind it.

The Torana market has seen a real jump in the last 12 months, and the LX hatch has always been the hottest pick for collectors and muscle car fans.

This 1976 hatch started out life as a 202-powered car in SL trim, before it was built to look like an SS A9X with all the bodykit and 512hp, now using a 400-cube small-block Chevy for shove.

The fact it isn’t a genuine SS or A9X should play well into buyers hands, but do bear in mind that an LX hatch rolling shell did sell at auction as a project this year for AU$45,000, so expect to double your money for this one.

Windowless Sandman panel vans always strike a special chord with us, because who doesn’t love a panel van?

This one is fitted with a period-correct 308 V8 and the good old M21 four-speed manual, with the original Claret purple colour getting a refresh in PPG’s finest.

The last time Seven82 auctioned off a V8 Sandman it broke the $100,000 barrier when it sold for AU$104,275 – so budding bidders should use that as a guide.

We can already hear Street Machine editor Andrew Broadley foaming at the mouth at the mere thought of this 1970 HT GTS Bathurst Monaro, and we don’t blame him.

After spending a few years as a hotted-up street beast, the current owner elected to revert the special Munro to its original form. That included a fresh lick in the original Daytona Bronza colour, and the driveline is as closely matched to the original 350, four-speed combo it originally rolled off the line with.

Prices for HK-HG Monaros can vary, but a HK GTS 327 Monaro did fetch over AU$300,000 at auction recently.

It’s not all chrome bumpers either, with this VL Calais Turbo holding a firm spot in the ranks.

It’s originally a non-turbo Calais that’s had a hairdryer bolted to the side of the RB30. Because it’s not a genuine turbo, the owner decided to give the setup that’s now on it a bit spice.

Those ingredients include; a bigger cam, a hypergear turbocharger and a front mount intercooler – with upgraded fuel and spark systems to match.

We’ve seen bids of more than AU$80,000 for genuine VL Turbos in recent months, so we’d expect this Calais to be valued around the AU$50,000-$60,000 mark.

There’s a lot of tasty offerings from the yanks to drool over as well, including this 1968 Charger packing an angry 440-cube Mopar big block.

The car arrived in Australia in 2014 as a shell, before the owner built his dream vision of a ’68 Charger – arguably one of the most desirable shapes to ever have come out of Detroit.

The 440 boasts an 11.5:1 comp ratio thanks to some beefy internals, backed up by a 727 ‘box.

Another iconic shape to come from the same era is the 1967 Mustang Fastback, and this one has all the optioned goodies to get collectors excited.

It’s an S Code car, meaning it was factory-fitted with the top spec 390ci V8, four-speed manual and a limited slip, which the car still has today.

As for the rest of the Muzzy, it underwent a nut and bolt resto in 2012, which included a colour change to the raven black colour it wears now, along with a host of period-correct GT goodies inside and out.

The 1967 Fastbacks are considered the crème de la crème of classic Mustangs, and with local values of American metal back on the rise, it’ll be interesting to see where the hammer falls on this.

Finally, there’s a classic American offering from the General.

We’ll update this story when we get more information on this 1969 Camaro RS SS, but what we do know is that the pictures speak for themselves – this thing’s a cracker!

You can view all lots that are up for auction at Seven82Motor’s December auction by following the link here, with bidding to open on November 29 and close on December 6.