Auction watch: LeBrese XC Falcon, VY GTS, R32 GT-R and more!

The weekly Grays classic car auction has turned out some crackers to break the cold winter chill, so let’s take a look!


Kicking off this week’s Grays classic car auction in a big way is none other than Adam LeBrese’s SMOTY-winning XC Falcon hardtop.

The car speaks for itself, but if you need a refresher on it, check out our flashback feature right here. It’s your chance to own a true piece of street machining history, so take a look at the auction listing here.

Our next pick is a rare one, a 2003 HSV VY GTS. Building on the reputation of the VX GTS, the VY also used the ballsy, hand-built Callaway LS1 producing 300kW. This example is build number 109 of 142, indicating just 20,000km on the odometer. Top of the pride for Holden’s line-up in the noughties, it’d make a beaut collector’s piece. Check it out here.

Another top-end Holden up for bidding is this real-deal HT GTS 350 Monaro, prime for cruising or adding to that dream car collection. Finished in Silver Mink metallic with low mileage, she’s a cracker. Suss it out here.

Barra fans will rejoice at this 2008 FPV FG F6 310, showing just 42,000 kilometres. Best of all, there’s three pedals! Given how many of these things have been meddled with (and rightly so), an untouched gem with low kilometres is perfect for collectors or somebody wanting to start with a fresh machine. View it here.

The hits from 2008 continue with a pair of Yank tanks, the first a Dodge Challenger SRT8. A fairly rare sight on Aussie roads, we reckon it’d made for an awesome weekend burler. Find out more here.

The second American express is much less tame, a Shelby GT500. Rocking the same supercharged SVT V8 from the Ford GT, paired with a six-speed manual, it’s one ferocious road animal. Like the Challenger, it’s right-hook, too, so give it a look here.

There’s a lot of R32 GT-Rs on the market, but this one has a point of difference, being one of just 100 originally imported and sold by Nissan Australia, with 52,000km showing. Next to top-line V-Spec variations, these Aussie-delivered R32s are often far more valuable in the sea of grey imports, so it’s worth a look if you’re an enthusiast. See the listing here.

Subaru went nuts with limited-edition WRXs during the late years of the GC8, and this 1997 STi Type R Version 3 is one of those. Just over 1300 were made, with goodies including the DCCD centre diff controller, tributes to the 555 WRC rally team inside and out, and a factory Nardi steering wheel. Check it out here.

Our final pick is a humble one, but it’s by no means a dunger. The HD Holden was referred to as the ‘cheese-cutter’ back in the day for its angular front end, but it makes it all the more quirky and cool in 2024. This one looks to be a pearler, a proper throwback to the golden era of 60s Aussie motoring. See it here.

You can view all the lots in this week’s classic car auction right here.