Auction watch: HSV SV6000, HDT VK, AU Falcon XR8

This week’s Grays classic car auction is filled with some absolute crackers, including a rare VZ HSV, V8 LX Torana hatch, genuine HDT VK and more!


Grays’ weekly classic car auctions are a hotbed of awesome metal, and this week’s crop is no exception, with a rare HSV, a time-warp VL Berlina wagon and a whole bunch more.

All the listings are live now and will run until Tuesday 7 March, and you can view them and everything else up for grabs here.

If you love your mid-2000s HSVs, then this rare HSV Z Series SV6000 in Devil Yellow should definitely whet your appetite.

This is number 26 of just 50 SV6000s built, showing 99,000km. The most notable difference for an SV6000 versus the average VZ Clubby is the Driver Dynamic Interface, which is the tablet-looking thing perched between the cup holders in the centre console.

You can read more about the DDI’s features right here, but essentially, it’s a bit like a smartphone specific to the car – minus the ability to actually call or text.

The car’s overall condition seems pretty schmicko for the VZ, so it’d suit any collector who’s a fan of modern Aussie muscle. It does come with an aftermarket exhaust and intake, but the factory airbox is included in the sale for anyone chasing a proper stocker.

Another special Holden up for grabs is this 1985 HDT VK Commodore SL Group A, which is said to be one of just 150 built.

That makes it far rarer than the flagship Blue Meanie VKs, so it has that going for it. You still get a whole lot of HDT goodies, including Scheel seats, Momo Star wheels, Group A bodykit and a 5.0-litre V8, which in this car is mated to a proper three pedal ‘box.

The last of the Holdens we’ve picked from this week’s auction is this gorgeous 1986 VL Berlina wagon, showing just 169,000km.

It may not be a turbo or a V8 model, but being a Berlina, you still get some trick 80s kit for your money, and it’s not hard to strap a snail to the side of the RB30 if that’s your poison. If not, it’d make a perfect club-plated pub runner, and we low-key wish we had room in our garage for it.

There’s a pair of juicy bent-eight Falcons crossing the block this week, one of those being this 2016 FG-X Falcon XR8 Sprint.

The XR8 Sprint was the very last of the V8 Falcons, and Ford went big with a pepped-up version of the supercharged 5.0-litre V8. Only 750 V8 Sprints were produced, this one being build number 692.

The car is still bog-stock and showing 69,000km, so it’d make a neat addition to any good Ford stable for the occasional weekend work.

Another semi-rare V8 Ford up for auction is this 2001 AU XR8 Falcon Rebel, sporting the 220kW version of Ford’s last hurrah with the Windsor V8.

The Rebel was a limited-edition run of just 125, set aside from the normal XR8 with the Peregrine bodykit, 18-inch Speedline wheels from the TS50, Momo steering wheel, gear knob, and, oddly enough, it also came with a free PlayStation 2 console and a copy of Gran Turismo 3 when new.

There’s no evidence of this AU coming with the gaming package, but all the other Tickford goodies appear to still be there. Couple that with the manual ’box and just 102,000km on the dash, and this’d be one of the nicer AU V8s we’ve seen for quite some time.

If you’re a lover of wagons or Japanese hero cars, then the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX wagon has probably always been at the top of your ‘maybe one day’ list. Grays has one on offer this week, and unlike most Evo wagons, this one has three pedals.

It’s a grey import with 122,000 clicks, and while the stickers down the side leave something to be desired, the rest looks to be in pretty good shape.

Rounding out our picks for this week is this LX Torana hatch. It’s a factory Mint Julep and V8 car, originally 253 and now rocking a 308 V8 and four-speed manual.

It’s not going to win any concours awards for originality, but our rebuttal to this is that you can actually get out and enjoy this thing properly.

You can view all the listings up for grabs this week at Grays right here.