Adam’s Legacy – Children’s cancer crowdfund campaign

Help kids battling cancer by donating to little Adam's crowdfunding campaign for the My Room Children's Cancer Charity


THIS month we received a letter from Maurice D’Alberti about his little boy’s heartbreaking battle with leukaemia which you can read below. After hearing about this we wanted to spread the word of little Adam’s crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the My Room Children’s Cancer Charity, click here to check it out.

HELLO Street Machine, I was hoping to have my precious little boy Adam D’Alberti featured in your magazine. He was diagnosed in June 2017 with a rare type of leukaemia, JMML. Unfortunately by best friend and little co-pilot lost his battle with the disease on 2 April this year, aged four.

 Through his fight with JMML, Adam underwent multiple bone marrow transplants, various surgeries and extensive chemotherapy. He battled all of this like a true hero and fought hard to beat his cancer.

Adam was a true car nut. He has been around my cars all his life. His first word was ‘Dad’ followed by ‘Ro-ro’ (Monaro). I have had many HK Monaros and various other chrome-bumper cars during his life. He was very careful around them and knew he wasn’t allowed to touch them. The only car he knew he could touch was my one-owner EL Falcon. He loved that car even though it wasn’t a chrome-bumper car. With the help of Preston Automatics, Kanaris Engines and Northern EFI, our family EL has now been turned into a 1100hp, AU Turbo-powered family cruiser that Adam would have absolutely loved. His car seat is still in it with his picture. There will always be a spot for Mr Adam in any car I drive.

 I have always dreamed of the opportunity of being in Street Machine with my son by my side with our HK. Unfortunately I’m never going to get that chance. All I can do now for my son is keep his memory alive. What better way than to have him in your great magazine?

During our 10-month hospital stay, various charities assisted us. One in particular was My Room Children’s Cancer Charity, and since Adam’s passing we set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for My Room. Adam has already raised $11,300, money that goes straight to My Room to assist other families of kids living with cancer. If you would like to donate, visit and type ‘Adam D’Alberti’ in the search box to find his campaign.

I’m one very proud dad. I could not have asked for a better son. He was a dream come true.
– Maurice D’Alberti