Plymouth ‘Cuda Rapid Transit System show car sold for US$2.2M

Famed Plymouth show car sells for an eye-watering US$2,200,000 at auction


One of the four original Plymouth Rapid Transit System roadshow cars sold at auction on Friday US time for an eye-watering US$2,200,000 at the Mecum auction in Indy.

The 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda 440 six-pack has just under 1000 miles on the clock and is in original, unrestored condition.

The ‘Cuda and the other three RTS show cars were designed by Harry Bentley Bradley, who passed away on 13 May this year at the age of 83. Bradley was a former GM designer, who not only designed multiple customs for the Alexander Brothers (including the Deora), but he was also the first designer for Hot Wheels.

The Mass Transit System promoted the idea that Plymouth’s street car offerings were part of an overall performance plan that included their NASCAR, Trans AM and NHRA drag racing campaigans.

Aside from the custom body work and wild paint, the ‘Cuda build included cool details such as faux parachute and wheelie bars and a device to rock the shaker without the need for the car to be running.

The ‘Cuda was built by Ridler winner Chuck Miller at Styline Custom in Detroit.

While the other three RTS cars were collected and restored by the late Steven Juliano, the ‘Cuda was stashed away for decades under a bridge in Detroit, out of Juliano’s reach.

After Juliano passed in 2018, his family auctioned his trio of RTS cars, with the ’70 Hemi Road Runner reaching US$341,000 (pictured below), the Road Runner US$236,500 and the Duster US$264,000.

The ‘Cuda outdid them all by a massive margin and wasn’t the only Mopar to reach big dollars in Indy, with the infamous street racer 1970 Dodge Hemi Challenger R/T SE dubbed the The Black Ghost fetching US$1,072,500.

A 1971 Plymouth Hemi Road Runner four-speed went for US$550.00.