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Put Your Back Into It: Blowin’ Gaskets

Simo really likes to put his back – and other parts of his body – into his work

351 Cleveland-Powered 1975 Ford Escort RS2000

Looking back at Mark Dall’Acqua's rego-clean, 351-cube Escort

Custom Ford XW Falcon coupe

A Mustang? No — but this Johnston-crafted showstopper is altogether another breed of horse

7-second Blown and Injected Pro Street LC Torana

In just over seven seconds this 1700hp outlaw LC Pro Streeter has torn up a quarter-mile strip of bitumen

Barra turbo-powered Ford EL Falcon XR6

Back in the day, Tony Balalovski had the world’s first BA Falcon XR6 turbo conversion — and it was a beauty!

Small-block Chev-powered VK Commodore Show Car

What do you do after scoring Top 60 fame twice? Blow your car apart and begin again

Peter Gratz returns with blown Hemi-powered Studebaker Doorslammer

After nearly two decades away, Peter Gratz is set to return to the quarter-mile with a blown Hemi-powered Studebaker

Eight-second twin-turbo 411ci Windsor-powered XY Falcon

All Alex Moshopoulos wanted to do was run an eight and drive home, and with this ballistic 1300hp XY Falcon, he can do just that

Tubbed, four-linked and blown VX HSV Senator

It has tubs, a blower and candy paint, but it isn’t a Kingswood! With his mental VX Senator, Alex Vines shows just how good old-school style on...

LSA-powered Holden VP Calais Sleeper

With a tweaked LSA hidden under its stock bonnet, this VP Calais blends 90s cool and sleeper speed

1963 AP5 Valiant Regal: Reader’s Car Of The Week

Holly Giddings built her ’63 AP5 Valiant Regal as a home-school tech job, tutored by her revhead dad, Dave.

6.0-Litre LS Swapped Toyota 86 Street Car

Luke Davies stuffed a 6.0L L77 into a Toyota 86, made it work like it came that way from the factory and then got it registered. Now he can do i...

Legendary Summernats Show Car Judge: Owen webb

As he winds back his show-judging commitments, the legendary Owen Webb gives us a peek behind the curtain at the world of automotive judging

Elite Holden 355-powered VK Commodore

There's more than meets the eye with Terry's elite-level VK Commodore!

Toyota 1JZ-powered EH Holden sleeper

Qld sparky Brock Pilkington and his family built this wicked turbo Toyota six-powered EH almost by accident