A what? Behold one of our favourite Swedish builds from the last few years: a Saab 9-3 wagon with Viper SRT10 running gear


Those crazy Swedes. The volume of left field engine conversions coming out of Scandinavia puts the rest of the world to shame. These guys just get it.

One of our favourite Swedish builds from the last few years is this Saab 9-3 wagon with a Viper V10 plonked up front.

It started with a written-off Viper SRT10 that was too expensive to repair. Rather than sink endless amounts of cash into new bodywork, a small group of blokes pulled the running gear from the beat-up Dodge and offered it up to something far more common in Sweden – a Saab. But not before a bit of V10-powered fun in the workshop carpark.

The plan was to use the Viper’s suspension, steering, drivetrain and wiring. Only the body and interior of the Saab would remain.

Scrolling through the build thread on Swedish forum ‘Zatzy’, it’s clear that the blokes behind this project are not hacks. The whole build took just six weeks, testament to the skills at work.

Enjoy the gallery! If you want more, you can view the whole build thread (in Swedish) by clicking here.