World’s wildest Porsche takes on Rocky Mountain Race Week 2.0

Danny Humphreys has taken his 928 Porsche drag car to the next level with Steve Morris power and is now putting it to the test on the road and track



After our initial story on Danny Humphreys’s Whipple-blown, 532-cube Porsche 928, there was a lot of chat on the socials that the car would never see road miles, given the tower of power sticking out of the porker’s bonnet.

Well, the moment of truth has arrived, with Danny entering the car in Rocky Mountain Raceweek 2.0, which kicked off today at Thunder Valley Raceway Park, in Noble Oklahoma.

We’re pumped to see how he goes on road and track! Stay tuned for updates.


Dallas-based drag racer Danny Humphreys has been campaigning his ‘Super Shark’ Porsche 928 for over 20 years, making his name in the 10.5 Outlaw scene in the early 2000s.

With a methanol-burning, Whipple-blown 532-cube big block, the Porsche ran as quick as 4.46-seconds over the eighth-mile. Danny had a pump fuel set up for the car too, so it could see a little street time.

Thus-equipped, the car was dubbed the ‘World’s Quickest 928’, but Danny got to thinking that he wanted the car to be more truly steeetable and hatched a plan to thoroughly rework a quad-cam 928 V8, ready to cop boost from a pair of 88mm turbos.

This audacious build had hardcore Porsche fans frothing, but earlier this year, Danny announced he wanted to go 275 radial racing and was was putting the quad-cam project on pause for something altogether more more brutal!

“I’ve gutted the car and installed a new rear end, new four link brackets, four link and anti-roll bar,” Danny told the fans at

“I’ve fitted double frame rail and completely rewired the car.

“The new engine is a 572-cube SMX built by Steve Morris. It’s an all-billet, fully water jacketed wedge engine. It should make 3500hp.”

On top of the engine is a R980 Whipple supercharger and a towering JDF Performance F6 Inductor injector hat – the kind of thing you normally see on serious tractor pull weapons.

And bear in mind that the 928 has all its factory panels except the front bumper and bonnet and retains its factory firewall and sills. Danny reckons it weighs in at 3300lb or close to factory weight.

“There were four people responsible for the build,” said Danny. “Steve Morris for the engine, Carl Rossler for the trans, XTreme P&B for the paint and me for everything else.”

Danny hasn’t given up on the street driving idea either. While the engine currently has 16 injectors for methanol, he’s promising to fit another eight under the intake for pump fuel.