Tubbed 408ci Ford XP Fairmont in the build – video

Tubbed, nine-inched and stuffed full of Boss 408 goodness, Daniel's XP Fairmont is going to be a mint cruiser when finished


DANIEL Camilleri bought his XP Fairmont when he was just fifteen years old after seeing an XP sedan in a Street Machine mag. “From then I had my heart set on a four-door XP, and when this one came up I bought it,” said Daniel. “Body wise it basically looked the way it does now; this whole time I’ve just been saving up money and collecting parts. I’m turning 22 soon so I’ll be off my P-plates and I’ll have a tough car to cruise around in.”

 Daniel wanted the tough ‘Geelong-style’ low stance on his car, with big, drag-style wheels on the rear. “I was never going to get the look I was after with standard wheel tubs, so I sourced out Dean Gianginis from Dean G Fabrication and we went from there.”

 Dean cut out the original wheel tubs and replaced the old leaf-sprung rear end with a triangulated four-link and an Extreme nine-inch diff, which will be supported by a set of coil-overs. Now Daniel will be able to fit a 325-wide tyre on a 15×10-inch rim under the rear without any dramas. “We’ve kept the factory floor intact and we’ll put the original wheel tubs back in with a metal band so it looks as close to original as possible, and it’ll all be fully engineered and legal,” said Dean.

 The next stage of the build is the engine, which is currently being built by Pro Race Engines. The boys there are piecing together a 408ci Boss motor with a Dart Windsor bottom end and CHI 3V Clevo heads. The combo should be good for north of 600hp, and once it’s all built up and ready to go it’ll come to Dean who will be piecing together the exhaust, fuel system and tailshaft, before the body goes off for paint.

 “Basically I wanted it to look as stock as possible with the exception of the wheels and maybe a bonnet scoop. The interior will all be standard,” said Daniel.