Can you still build a cool car for street, strip or both for under $10K? Our readers say yes!


WE ASKED our social media audience the question: Can a cool street machine be built for $10,000 in this day and age? Their answer was a resounding yes! Sure, you’re not going to get a HQ Monaro, XY GT or Valiant Charger for that money, but with patience, hard work and a bit of luck, it can be done.

Of course, the definition of a cool street machine is going to vary from person to person, but we’d much prefer these rides to any modern econobox. And if you’ve built something on a tight budget, we’d love to see it!

Street -Machine -Peter -CliffordBought this VK ute already done, with a 265 Hemi and four-speed for $10K. There are bargains out there – Peter Clifford

Street -Machine -Ryan -instagramThe ZH owes me about $7K. It is a matching-numbers 351 car with 150,000km on the clock. There was a little bit of rust in the bottom of the guards, a little in the boot sill and a small piece in one door, but not much. Engine-wise, I’ve added new heads, carby, inlet manifold and exhaust. The only other mods so far have been lowering it and fitting the wheels. Next job is to replace the vinyl roof – Ryan Ingram

Street -Machine -Renato -QuintalMy VB SL/E owes me under $10K. It has fresh paint, full Pedders gear underneath, a mild 308 and a high-stall converter. You have to find a good base car to start with, be patient and work to a budget – Renato Quintal

Street -Machine -Darren -VolgerThe XR cost me $6K to build and register from a shell in a paddock. It runs a warm 302 Cleveland, FMX auto, the diff from an XB GT and XF disc brakes. It has a new interior, some manufactured patina and is otherwise standard – Darren Volger

Street -Machine -zac -dowlingMy VH SL/E mock-up runs a worked 308 and Aussie four-speed and owes me just over $7K – Zac Dowling

Street -Machine -Craig -DawsonMy wife’s $200 street machine. It’s different! – Craig Dawson

Street -Machine -Jack -DavisI picked up this baby for $1000! It had no rust at all and has just had a full respray. All that I need to do now is put the interior back in and assemble the blue 308 – Jack Davis

Brendon -RileyHere’s mine. I lost count, but about $6000 – Brendon Riley

Street -Machine -David -FritzIt can be done. I built my mate David Fritz this XA to help him out. The entire car was built for under $10K including buying the car, though this was a few years ago. We got it done by shopping smart, wheeling and dealing, using spare parts we had lying around and doing it all at home. It was a six-month backyard build over nights and weekends. It has a Clevo, C4 and nine-inch. It doesn’t set the world on fire but has run a low 13-second pass – Lee Hill

Street -Machine -Dave -Rowling0My HT Holden owes me $5K, runs a 202 and three-speed. Lots of help from my three brothers, my dad, a good mate and myself – Dave Rowling

Bryan -PeadI built my HQ Statesman for under $10K; I will thank the guy I got it off forever. It needed a new motor, some attention to the front end and putting a few things back together for rego. A labour of love, though – Bryan Pead

Street -Machine -Paul -BaguleyMy XE Fairmont Ghia is a just a six-cylinder, with 14×8 Pro Stars and Eager rubber. It owes me six grand as it is, and will be just under $10K with a 351 and FMX transmission – Paul Baguley