Tess MacDonald’s 1966 Mustang

Tess MacDonald's all-original, blue-on-blue ’66 Mustang is the apple of her eye

Photographers: Greg Forster

SOME of our brethren love their rides to stay exactly as the car gods first created them. Super-mum Tess MacDonald is one such enthusiast. Through her hubby, Ben, Tess was introduced to street machining, hot rodding and everything in between, and her beautiful, all-original, blue-on-blue ’66 Mustang is the apple of her eye.

First published in the November 2021 issue of Street Machine

How did you get involved in the car scene?

I have no real car background, as I grew up on a farm; I’m not mechanically minded. Though my first car in the late 90s was a light green HJ Kingswood sedan with a stock 202ci six-cylinder. I loved that car; it was similar to drive to the Mustang, although the Muzzy is left-hand drive. Since meeting Ben 20 years ago, I’ve grown to love old cars – I love the feel, the idea of them and the history. I wish I had been born in the 60s!

How did your Mustang love affair begin?

Around nine years ago, I began going to hot rod shows. I was at the Queenscliff Rod Run when a light blue early Mustang really caught my eye. I was looking for one to call my own for a few years after that. Then on my birthday about three years ago, Ben found one on the internet and it was nearby. So we went for a look and it was exactly the Mustang I had been looking for. Later that day I was driving home in it!

Tell us about it.

She’s all-original with power steering and air conditioning, including the Silver Blue paint and matching trim. I’m the third owner and was told that the first was an older guy in Echuca who pretty much just drove it to church and garaged it.

What’s the story behind the number plates?

It already had the MISSYT plates, as the previous owner was called Tamra, so I’ve kept them as it also suits me. It’s funny; there were a few coincidences like that – it’s definitely meant to be my car!

Have you done anything to it?

We’ve not touched it. Ben has hot rods and modified cars, but I want my Mustang to stay as-is; I don’t want it played with. It goes beautifully with the little 289ci V8 and C4 auto. After having six kids, with the oldest now 18 years old, it’s great to have a car that’s just mine and has no baby seats in it.

So no plans to sell it, then?

No way! I love it and I’ll have it until I die. I’m not interested in buying any more cars either; this one is enough for me. I drive the Mustang wherever, from car cruises to shows, and I’ll also use it to go to the hairdresser and head out for general local drives. When I’m behind the wheel, it is my calming ‘me time’.

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