IN PICS – Stealth Torana

Turbo Torana sleeper

Photographers: Steve Kelly

WHILE IT’S all fine and good to have flashy paint and big supercharger hanging through the bonnet, sometimes you want to keep things on the down low.

Take Tony Webb’s LJ Torana for example. It’s poo brown with a factory sunvisor and six-cylinder badges, and looks as exciting a Celine Dion concert. But under that nana-spec exterior there’s a 1000hp turbocharged 355ci Holden V8 that punches out 1000hp, and it runs the standing quarter in just 8.7 seconds.

Which means this thing is fast – blisteringly fast! And if it wasn’t for the Weld Racing wheels you wouldn’t know any different.

“I always wanted a genuinely quick streetcar,” Tony says. “Lots of people say they have streetcars, but they really aren’t legal on the street. I wanted something you could park at the supermarket and people wouldn’t take any notice.”