Shell Shocked

AWESOME wide-body 1968 Mustang built from a brand-new body


SOME of us are lucky enough to enjoy the sweet character of a V8 every day, commuting to work in a tasty FPV or HSV.

Others spare the coin for a more classic — or cranky — weekend warrior. You lift the garage door to shrug off the working week with a cruise to the beach, the pub or the track, with the missus grinning and the kids giggling.

Richard Diver enjoys his sensational Mustang every day— but not in quite the same way as most.

“It’s on display in my house!” he says. “I have a lovely couch in front of it, plenty of space around it and I just enjoy sitting there looking at it.”

Here’s a bloke who is just too damn busy to get out in his mental Mustang very often but at least has the smarts to stash it where he can look and yearn, cold bevvie in hand, rather than burying it under a blanket in a backyard shed.

“Having said that, it drives like an absolute dream,” Richard continues of his automotive artwork. “It drives like a brand new car.”

Maybe because it is brand new. Built and complied under New Zealand’s sensible Individually Constructed Vehicle scheme, Richard’s Mustang Fastback began life not in the 1960s but as a reproduction body shell.

Under the hood is a 427ci Roush Windsor, backed by a C4 and 9in. The drive is full pro touring, with RRS steering, big brakes and lots more.

For all the details, check out the latest issue of SM.