Home-brewed 13B rotary-powered Suzuki Mighty Boy

Ellis Dickson’s eye-popping Zook had the covers pulled off at Summernats 35


“I have a 1985 Suzuki Mighty Boy that my dad, some mates and I built in the shed last year. The car in its entirety was built in my garage, with no hoist, lathe, bandsaw or fab tools – just hammers, a four-inch grinder and a MIG welder!

“Half of the painting was done in a booth by us, and other than that everything was done in the shed.

“We smoothed and shaved the body, which runs flared front guards, a fibreglass hardlid, drag race-style wing (added since Summernats), a vented bonnet, and a custom front bar and lip spoiler. It’s all painted in candy Kawasaki Ninja Green.

“The full-bridge 13B rotary is fed by a custom injection set-up in a fully shaved engine bay, and it’s bolted to a Mazda five-speed ’box. All the lines and fittings are braided, and it’s controlled by a MicroTech ECU.

“We custom-made the tunnel and floorpan to make everything fit. Exhaust is a twin sidepipe system.

“The chassis is a custom one-off unit, running four-link suspension and custom-made coil-overs. It’s got airbag struts out back, and the underbody was smoothed and painted.

“Front wheels are 15x4in, with 15x14s out back in a Commodore steelie look, wearing 335-wide tyres.

“The interior features a custom-made dash with billet switches and aftermarket gauges. It’s all sound-deadened and carpeted, and also sports a full rollcage, racing seats and harnesses, hydraulic handbrake, custom pedal box and line locker.”