Scott Bisel’s wild blown Chevy LUV truck raised a few eyebrows at the Good Vibrations March Meet in California


SHOULDERING up to angry open-wheel hot rods and floppy-bodied Camaros and Novas at Auto Club Famoso’s annual Good Vibrations March Meet in Bakersfield, California, Scott Bisel’s Chevy LUV truck stood out from the pack. We caught up with Arizona-based Scott to learn more about it.

Scott Bisel's ChevyAwesome truck! What’s the story behind it?

It’s a 1972 Chevy LUV truck that I’ve owned for seven or eight years now. It came from up north and had a set-up that ran 10.30s, but I’ve made it a lot quicker. I’ve done all the work myself, which I love doing. I’ve been at it since I was a kid and I’ve built a bunch of cars, including a ’64 Chevelle that runs 8.6s, a Camaro, and a full-drag Anglia.

Scott Bisel's Chevy engineWhat’s it running?

It’s got a 400-cube small-block Chevy in it with a 6/71 blower, and runs alcohol, injected. It’s got a two-speed Powerglide, nine-inch Ford diff and 3:89 gears in the back. It weighs 2550lb, and I don’t know the numbers but I’d say somewhere in the 1200-1300hp range, considering the engine and the times I’m running.

Scott Bisel's Chevy at Good Vibrations meetIt looked quick out on the track!

Yeah, this year I’m running in A/Gas (7.60 index) after going in B/Gas last year (8.60 index). I did a 7.71@174mph today, so I’m still in for eliminations tomorrow.

Scott Bisel's ChevIs that Arizona licence plate real?

Yep, it’s definitely street-registered. I love driving it around Lake Havasu, where I live, and people love it. When I moved there I didn’t realise it was like hot rod paradise; there are car guys everywhere! I’ve stopped doing that as much lately though, because the mileage is insane. It can burn about a gallon of alcohol a minute, just idling! Thankfully, alcohol is cheap.

Scott Bisel and his 1972 Chevy LuvIt’s not every day you see an LUV run sevens.

I know. I think it’s funny because I don’t look like I belong in A/Gas [laughs], but I’m still in it. It’s just a great car and a lot of fun to race. I like building cars just as much as I love racing them. If I lose on the day? No big deal – it’s all about the fun.