Scott Sevil’s Blown LS-powered Holden VY SS ute

We chat with Scott Sevil about his blown 408-cube LS-powered VY SS burnout ute

Photographers: Chris Thorogood

WE first bumped into Tasmanian Scott Sevil and his recently finished VY SS burnout ute at Tassie Nats 2019. Since then he has travelled the country burning rubber and having a right old time, and even Covid hasn’t managed to slow him down.

We also featured his blown 408ci LS mill in the Feb ’19 issue of SM, so we caught up with him recently to see how he’d been faring in the burnout stakes.

This article was first published in the September 2020 issue of Street Machine

What made you want to build a burnout car of this calibre?

I decided I wanted to have one of the biggest and baddest cars and engines in all of Tasmania, and with some of the guys down here raising the bar, I knew we’d have to build something decent. I think even now we’re still one of the top LS guys; we’re not running a Dart or big-block Chevy and still making 1200hp without any issues.

What events have you ripped up since debuting the car at the start of 2019?

We’ve been all over the country. Obviously we started at Powercruise Tasmania and then Tassie Nats that year, before going to Powerplay Sydney, Brashernats and Powercruise Queensland, where we had a pretty big fire that torched the whole back end of the car. Then we went to Summernats earlier this year for the first time.

How was the ’Nats for you?

It was a riot. Sadly, we also caught fire there on Friday during the Burnout Championship and got knocked out as a result, so we just destroyed Skid Row a few times and kicked back with some vodka slushies – it was a good time!

Any plans to hit the pad again this year?

Absolutely! We already did Tassie Nats again this year after Summernats, and right now we’re on our way up to the Burnout Masters in Sydney [now postponed to 12-13 September due to COVID-19]. We’ll be back again for Red CentreNATS as well; we’ll have a pretty big convoy heading up from Tasmania with some big names, so it should be good. We’re hoping to do a lap of Australia again if we can manage it with everything going on.

Have you taken any silverware in your burnout adventures?

We had some wins at the start of 2019 at Powercruise Tasmania, and a few Best In Show awards and things like that. My main goal is to get a Masters ticket to Summernats next year, so that’s what we’ll be chasing, because I want to play with the big boys.

What’s the story behind the WIZARD plates?

Well, we originally had METHSKID on there, but my daughter was being teased at school about it because they didn’t understand what it meant. So Lynchy was winding me up about what plates to put on it, and my nickname is ‘The Wizard’ because I’m pretty handy on the tools and can fix my mates’ cars at the last minute, so my kids chose it and that’s what we went with.

What do you do for a wicket?

I own a smash repair shop down in Tassie, which is a good thing because I’ve needed to respray the whole ute about three times in the past 12 months! This time I’ve actually left the rear bumpers unpainted, so I can go a bit harder without having to worry about damaging the pearl paint.

You went all the way to Alice Springs to Red Centre NATS this year even with Covid restrictions, what was involved in that?

It was myself and my mate Codie Free with his FROTHIN VY Clubsport. Codie has been a few times, but it was WIZARD’s first time. We needed six permits, four flights and two trucks to get there, and we had to do the same on the way home. We travelled up for the Burnout Masters event in Sydney that got postponed in July, but we were able to have a couple of skids on a private pad. We didn’t care about having to quarantine once we got back, we just wanted to blow some tires off!

How did the weekend at RCN go for you?

We had an absolute blast! The whole atmosphere was epic, even for the current times with Covid. The attention from Andy Lopez and the crew, you guys, the local radio and newspapers was next level. The win in the Burnout Championship with WIZARD was a nice little bonus on top of an already awesome weekend, and Codie scoring best V8 burnout in FROTHIN was awesome too.