Rod Hadfield’s V12 Fiat Topolino – video

We check out Rod Hadfield’s latest creation in action

Videographers: Shaun Tanner

ROD Hadfield is one of Australia’s most audacious and prolific hot rod builders. His latest creation is a 1948 Fiat 500 Topolino, stuffed full of one of the coolest engines ever created – the 572ci American LaFrance V12.

The engine is a sidevalve design used in fire engines – hence the name Rod chose for the car, Fire Chief. Despite the age of the motor, it pumps out 720lb-ft at 3550rpm – more than enough to ensure it is a wild ride.

As with all of Rod’s builds, the engineering and build quality is second-to-none. You can check out the full story in the current issue of Street Machine Hot Rod, out now!