Monster Trucks – Ripper Car Movies (2017)

The first look at a new family-friendly car flick, due out early 2017


ONE of the great double-edged swords of parenting these days is the modern-day kids’ movie. On the one hand, they provide an excellent babysitting service at home, especially when you just need two hours to yourself in the shed, without the distraction of adorable ‘helpers’. On the other, there is a high chance that you’ll quickly come to know all the words to every song in Frozen and that your kids will go through a phase of only speaking like those yellow guys in Minions.

Monster Trucks 2017

So how awesome is it when the big studios burp up a kids’ flick that is somewhat in sync with your own interests? Cars, for example, has surely saved the sanity of many Street Machine-reading parents, and it looks like we have another good one coming up in 2017.

Best described as a cross between Transformers, ET the Extra Terrestrial and Christine, Monster Trucks looks like being a great story with plenty of automotive action thrown in. Directed by Chris Wedge (Ice Age, Robots) and co-starring Gen-X heroes Rob Lowe and Danny Glover, Monster Trucks was made with a reputed US$100 million budget. Well worth it for the temporary peace it will no doubt bring to car-loving households all over the globe.

It opens in the US on 13 January 2017.