Readers’ Rockets: HQ Kingswood, XY ute, Camaro ZL1 and more

We check out some of our readers' cars from the October 2021 issue of Street Machine



“THIS is ‘Donny’, my pride and joy. With the original 202 and column three-speed combo, he’s probably not what you’d call a street machine, but he’s a low-kay example, currently sitting at 19,740km, so he won’t be far off ticking over the 20! He’s all original apart from a lowering job thanks to the local Ballarat legend Dave Guilfoyle. It had the original crossply tyres on it, so he got some whitewalls fitted up.”


“HERE’S the ’48 Dodge ute I’ve had for 12 years. It’s been on the road for six and I did 95 per cent of the work myself. It’s running an FG turbo Barra, TR-6060 six-speed, three-link rear end with Watt’s link, Nissan Patrol 4.11 LSD and coil-overs, and a Jag front end. It’s got a Wilwood Wide 5 brake set-up, with Keizer 15×10 three-piece beadlocks and 275s all ’round.

It’s built to drive everywhere. I often rally it out bush on dirt tracks and have slicks to do some track days, as it actually handles awesome and is lighter than a stock Falcon ute! I’ve got a page for its build, so check out ‘Dodgey the turbo pilothouse’ on Facebook for more.”


“I’VE had my HT since I was 17 and have rebuilt it three times. It currently runs a 434-cube small-block by Brody Automotive, built around a Dart block and filled with a Scat crank, Callies rods, Mahle pistons, Howards hydraulic-roller cam, AFR 210cc heads, Victor Jr intake and a Barry Grant 850 carb.

It puts out 539hp and 540lb-ft. It’s backed by a manualised Powerglide with a 2800rpm converter and a 10-bolt LSD with Moser axles. Wheels are Simmons FR19s. The paint was laid on by Scott Street Panel Works.”


“HERE’S my ride, a 1961 Ford Prefect 107E. Powered by a 997cc four-cylinder, coupled with a four-speed gearbox, this beast gets from 0 to 55mph in… a really long time! It’s a great little cruiser that gathers plenty of attention at cars ’n’ coffee meets and supermarket runs alike, given how uncommon they are. I bought it back in 2017. It was stock as a rock but in very good nick for a 40-plus-year-old car. I’ve since lowered it and customised it cosmetically by adding the 13-inch Moon discs, whitewall flappers, fog light, steel sunvisor and badges.

Fun facts: this particular example was used as a police vehicle by the WA Police Force back in the day, and a previous owner had it featured as a background vehicle in The Doctor Blake Mysteries. For plenty more pics, I have a dedicated Instagram @theblueprefect.”


“HERE’S our well-used and well-loved XY GS ute. It’s our parts chaser, project hauler and swap meet shopper, running a 351 Cleveland with a C4 on the column for proper three-seater cruising. Rolling stock is old-school 16×8.5 and 16×9 V5 Simmons rims.

The XY was purchased from the second owner in 1995 by my late father and has since become a Newell family heirloom.”


“I LIKE to do things to extremes. I have always had my own style, and when I wanted to build a Camaro, I knew exactly what I wanted. So I slammed this car onto Forgiato Classico 22×13 wheels shod with 335 tyres. Getting the wheels to fit required a custom Duraflex GT Concept Wide Body Kit and then a heap of love from Neil Moneypenny from Xclusivefx to actually make it fit properly and look good.

When the car was imported, it was left-hook and came with upgrades like the Recaro seats, suede accents, paddle-shift auto and motor mods on the blown LSA. With a simple pulley upgrade, new exhaust and tune, the car makes over 680hp. It is now right-hand drive. Suspension is lowered; it’s not ’bagged.

To complement the car, I installed an over-the-top Rockford Fosgate audio system. To say the car turns heads now is an understatement.” Photos: Jordan Leist