Readers’ rockets: blown LJ Torana, HT ute, turbocharged EL XR8, HX GTS Monaro and more!

We check out some of our readers’ rides from the May issue of Street Machine


Grace Edworthy
HT Holden ute

“My 1969 HT ute was purchased from a family friend in August of 2022. It had been sitting in his shed for roughly 10 years and we had been pestering him to buy it.

“When we got it home, Dad and I did the usual repairs, like brakes and suspension. We then replaced the carpet and seatbelts; Dad also had the idea of recycling old farm fence palings to put in the tray.

“The body is 95 per cent original with a few rust repairs. It runs a 186, three-on-the-tree and a banjo diff – the only modification being that it was lowered two inches.

“I have always grown up around Holdens and couldn’t wait to get my own, so as soon as I saw this one I knew I needed to have it.”

Charlie Kattan
Holden LJ Torana

“G’day Street Machine, my name is Charlie. I’m 52 years old; I’ve been into Toranas since I was 18.

“I’ve built my LJ over the 23 years I’ve owned it. It was a daily driver after I threw the 202 out and engineered it with a 304/M21 combo. It’s now a 383 with Higgins alloy heads, a BDS billet 8/71 blower and twin 850s, paired to a transbraked TH400 and 4.11 full-spool diff.

“I built it myself and painted it 20 years ago. I’ve just recently added the heads and blower. I know it’s no show car, but I think it’s the best around!

“It had no rust and was originally painted gold. I haven’t driven it much since COVID – maybe 50km in three years. Hope you enjoy, since you haven’t seen it before!”

Jamie Manger
HSV VE Clubsport

“Hey guys, this is my 2009 E2 HSV ClubSport, sporting a beefed-up LS3 with polished engine parts and anodised hoses and fittings. I’ve built this thing on a budget while fathering five kids all at the same time.

“I’ve had it for almost five years, and it was absolutely stock-standard when I got it. Now with loads of exterior and interior aftermarket parts and big wheels, it turns heads everywhere.

“There’s a mass of broken necks in some places! This is one to watch out for in years to come, with big plans to build the ultimate 1000hp-plus street-legal beast.”

Scott McCarthy
Holden HX Monaro

“I’ve owned this full-matching-numbers HX GTS Monaro for 19 years and am the third owner. I went to my Year 10 formal in it, and when I got married in February it was our wedding car.

“The 308 has had a freshen-up with a bit more compression and tidied-up heads. It was resprayed in factory Jade Green before my time, and the interior is original from the factory.

“Other touches include FR Simmons and a Statesman front. Don’t judge me on the 6×9 rear speakers – they were cool-AF in the mid-2000s!”

Jesse Close
Ford EL Falcon

“My old EL XR8 has a turbo Windsor under the bonnet! I’ve done 90 per cent of the work myself, with some help from a few good mates in the shed at home.

“It runs a Dart-blocked 347 with a GTX42 turbo, RHS heads and a Camtech stick. I built the engine myself. The ’box is a reverse-pattern C4 turning a nine-inch diff. With Holley EFI engine management and E85 it makes 800hp.

“It’s finished in Hot Chilli Red with an all-factory interior.”

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