Readers’ Rockets: Dodge Challenger, Ford Prefect, HQ Kingswood, VG Valiant + more

We check out some of our readers' cool rides from the August 2020 issue of Street Machine


Jeremy Evans
1970 Dodge Challenger

“MY CHALLENGER R/T runs a 440 V8 topped with a Holley 750 HP double-pumper, backed by a StreetFighter 727 Torqueflite and nine-inch diff with Truetrac 3.25:1 gears and 31-spline axles.

It’s been converted to right-hand drive, and inside I’ve added Dakota Digital gauges. Brakes are Wilwood Dynalite discs all ’round, and it rolls on Schott Magnitude eXL wheels – 18×7 up front and 20×10 rears.”

Dean Bain
1939 Ford Prefect

“MY PREFECT runs a 350 Chev, two-speed Powerglide and nine-inch. The guards and running boards have been widened four inches each side to accommodate the Torana front crossmember and the 295s under the rear. Would love to see it in your great magazine.”

Nathan Lee
1973 HQ Kingswood

“MY HQ build took me a full year to complete, and it was all done in my garage. The whole car was stripped back to bare metal, then the rust was cut out and all unwanted holes treated and welded. Once it was all repaired and back together it was blocked with a large spline to get it straight. It was then primed again and blocked to make sure it was 100 per cent. Everything was replaced on the car except for the front bumper, as it wasn’t too bad.

It runs a recently rebuilt 308 with a 286 cam, 1.65:1 roller rockers and ported heads, all topped by an Edelbrock manifold and Holley 600 carb. It’s backed by an Aussie four-speed. All the wires I could hide were hidden, the heater box was deleted, the battery was moved to the boot and I set up electric power steering to make the engine bay a lot cleaner. The colour is DNA Electric Blue and the roof is a three-layer Crystal Pearl (a Toyota colour). I’d love some boost one day, but for now it’s just a nice cruiser with a good note.”

John Flanders
1955 Chevy pick-up

“HAVING been an Aussie muscle car fan for so long, my tastes started to change towards American cars, so I shipped this ’55 Chevy pick-up over to Australia from Miami. Over the past two years I have been slowly making it my own and transforming it into the truck you see today.

Up front is a 327ci V8 backed by a 700R4 trans. It has AccuAir e-Level suspension and Ridetech shocks all ’round, and the wheels wear 1954 Bel Air hubcaps and Coker whitewall tyres. The pick-up scene is really taking off and it’s cool to be along for the ride. I hope you enjoy it!”

Kevin Jones
1967 ZA Ford Fairlane

“MY FAIRLANE was bought through eBay in 2011; it had been parked up in a shed since 1994. I got it back on the road last year. It needed a full body repair due to the usual rust in the sills, lower guards and parcel shelf, which was all carried out by Rosedale Panels, and was painted by my son Dylan. The interior was also retrimmed. Driveline is a 302 Windsor with a mild cam, roller rockers and 600cfm Holley carb, backed by a C4 and nine-inch. I use it as my daily driver.”

Vince Livaditis
1971 VG Valiant Hardtop

“MY VG hardtop runs an alloy-headed 408-stroked Chrysler Magnum small-block, backed by a Brinks Performance 904 Torqueflite and 31-spline Detroit Locker nine-inch.

It has run a best of 11.22@119mph, but the engine has now had a full rebuild by Zoran at Zox Performance, with larger valves and ported heads and intake, and it feels so much quicker.”

Ben Walker
1948 Chrysler Windsor

“THIS is my Windsor Business Coupe. It’s not an Aussie Chrysler as such, but I class it as one now after the work I’ve put into it – with the exception of the interior, it was all done in my shed at home. As it’s my second Chrysler and sits alongside my 11-second Valiant, this was built solely as a cruiser. It was imported as a left-hand-drive, GM-powered car on airbags, and I purchased it out of Queensland.

I bare-metalled the entire car and repaired the rot that was in it, sourced a late-model 5.7-litre Hemi and five-speed auto and converted the car to right-hand drive. I also got rid of the airbags; it now sits just how I like it on coils. It’s something a little different in the scene!”

Bill Jordan
1950 Chevy Pick-up

“MY CHEV pick-up has been about two years in the build. The cab is an original 1950 item out of Kansas, now sitting on an HQ chassis. Up front is a stock-bottom-end LS2 with a cam, head work and extractors, and it’s backed by a six-speed auto, custom tailshaft and nine-inch diff.

It has a four-link rear end and runs Wilwood disc brakes all ’round. The custom interior features leather trim, Dakota Digital gauges, Vintage Air air con and power windows. The truck has been engineered and is on full NSW rego.”