Readers’ Rockets

AU Falcon ute drift car, EJ Holden Special wagon, family-heirloom FC ute, 308-powered HZ plus more


Tyson Squish
AU Falcon ute

“This is my 408ci turbo Windsor-powered AU drift car. It also runs a Tremec TR6060 manual transmission and an IRS rear end, and has been ’caged, as it’s built to be driven hard. It’s made 850hp on low boost from a tiny turbo, and it’s fully registered and street-driven!”

Luke Bevan
EJ Holden wagon

“This is my 1963 EJ Special wagon. It’s my take on an Australia-inspired lowrider, I guess you could say. I did all the paintwork myself, and also rebuilt the 186 that replaced the old grey motor. The mill now runs a ported, polished head, bigger valves, flat-top pistons, extractors and a 350 Holley.

“It’s the perfect cruiser but still has a little get-up-and-go about it. I try and drive the thing every chance I get, but it’s currently off the road to have Air Ride suspension installed to really make it stand out from the crowd.”

Matthew Knowles
HZ Holden

“My HZ Holden still has its original paint, trim and interior, but now runs a pretty warm 308. It’s a true survivor that has its bumps and bruises but still looks great and turns heads – the definition of old-school Holden cool!”

Joseph Sinopoli
Holden VK Commodore

“I bought this 1984 VK Commodore SL from my brother back in 1997; it was my first car and daily driver! In 2000 I gave it a closed-door respray, but in 2006 I let the rego lapse and parked it up for the next 12 years. In 2018, I decided it was time to finally get it back on the road.

“I rebuilt the 304 with a 286 cam, balanced crank, flat-top pistons and an Edelbrock manifold. I wanted the engine bay to appear as original as possible, as I loved the look of the original air filter and rocker covers.

“The rest of the driveline consists of a shift-kitted TH350, custom two-piece tailshaft, and a 9in diff with 3.55:1 gears. It also has Pedders lowered suspension, new brakes all ’round, and 19in HDT Aero wheels.

“There’s a new Scheel interior and carpet as well, with the dash refurbished in original Cerulean blue. In 2022, the resto was finished, and I finally got the VK club-registered and cruising! It’s not quite a show or drag car – more a clean street cruiser that is comfortable and reliable.”

Daniel Bartel
FC Holden ute

“My family has had this FC Holden ute for over 40 years; it’s been my favourite car in the world since I was a kid, and I’m 28 now! It’s got a 307 Chev, TH400 trans and 9in, and has been tubbed in the rear to fit 11.5in-wide tyres.

“It’s a cool cruiser that I would love to see in Street Machine; it would mean the world to me and my family to see the ute in there!”

Zac Browning
Holden VH Commodore

“Here’s my 1981 VH Commodore. It has been a ground-up build that has taken me 12 years to complete. It was originally my great grandfather’s car, who cherished it, but he left it to me when he passed away, on the condition that it was to be painted blue and done up as a show/street car.

“It started its journey with a tired 202, auto, Buckskin interior and 14-inch hubcaps. Twelve years on, it now runs a 253ci ex-Commodore Cup race engine with a Cain tunnel ram and twin 465cfm carbs by Hume Performance, backed by a built Trimatic with a B&M 4000rpm stall, and a VL Turbo diff.

“The engine bay has been boxed and smoothed, and all wiring has been hidden front to back by the boys at Fully Charged Auto Electrics.

“I was told the whole time during this build that I couldn’t have a 253 and twin carbs, as “it just won’t work right”, but here it is running like an animal on the street and has never once let me down. I drive the VH as much as physically possible – even to work some days, which the neighbours love at 6am!”