Readers’ rockets: 1955 Chev, HQ Monaro, Valiant AP6 + more

We check out some of our readers' cars from the July 2020 issue of Street Machine


Tino Salvia
1955 Chevrolet

“TRI-FIVE Chevys are the epitome of style. I have owned a few hot Commodores in my time, but as I matured, so did my taste. I found myself really digging older cars, stuff from the 50s and 60s.

It was around seven years ago that I found this ’55 for sale and I just had to have it. I loved the colour combo; the clean white over the Tropical Turquoise was just perfect. I wasn’t keen on the wheels, so I swapped those over to a set of Billet Specialties Vintecs with the knock-off caps for a vintage-type look.

I then fitted the QA1 coil-overs and control arms to get the ride height to a more respectable level. The car runs a 350 Chev, Turbo 700 and nine-inch combination.

I fitted a full stainless exhaust for a slight visual and aural improvement, but at some point I would like a performance boost too, so I reckon I will slot in a hotter motor shortly.” Photos: Jordan Leist

Dayle Scoins
1965 Valiant AP6 Regal

“I FIRST saw this Valiant on the drag strip at Willowbank with a ‘for sale’ sign painted on the back window. It sparked my interest and I took a closer look at it in the staging lanes, where I fell in love with it.

It was rough, but I had a vision and knew it could be something special. Unfortunately at that time we were not in a financial position to purchase it. As luck would have it, my partner found it on Gumtree a few months later still for sale, so we contacted the owner, hitched up the trailer and drove to the Gold Coast to take a look at it.

We arrived at the address and were greeted by a shady-looking character (who turned out to be a really nice guy) and took the car for a test run. Not long into the drive, I knew I had to have it. We negotiated a price, loaded the Valiant onto the trailer and took her home, driving through torrential rain (the car passed the waterproof test – no leaks!).

It runs a slant-six with a 350 Holley and extractors. The steel wheels are painted body colour with centre caps and wrapped in whitewall tyres, and it still has the rear wheel spats and venetian blind. It won Best Mopar at its first show ’n’ shine at the Willowbank Nostalgia Drags last year. It is on standard full rego and I drive it everywhere.”

Michael McMullen
1973 Valiant Charger

“I PURCHASED my Charger in Ballarat in early 2019 as a completed project with a 265 and T5 manual gearbox in it. I already had a 408 stroker and 727 manual-valvebody, reverse-pattern ’box in the build with Kevin Kent Racing on the Gold Coast, and was looking for a vehicle worthy to host them. Fortunately the Charger already had a nine-inch with a Truetrac 3.55, which is the perfect balance for a street/strip combination. Braking, exhaust, cooling and fuel systems were upgraded to deal with the newfound horsepower. I’m looking forward to achieving a low 11 or high 10 at Drag Challenge next year and terrorising the streets of Brisbane!”

Patrick Carroll
VL Commodore Vacationer

“MY VL Vacationer looks like nothing special to most, but that’s what I love about it. When I bought it, it was a granny-spec car that had been treated very well, with low kays, a seriously immaculate interior and straight body. Sure, the paint was faded, but I loved every bit of it! But it’s had a lot of money and time spent on it since then.

Up front is a single-overhead-cam 3.0-litre RB30 with forged internals, solid cam and lifters, 6boost manifold, Garrett G42 turbo, Turbosmart 60mm wastegate and 2200cc injectors. Backing it is a two-speed Powerglide with a TCE converter, and a nine-inch rear with 31-spline billet axles. It runs Shockworks suspension front and rear and a McDonald Brothers rear end, and rolls on V-Series Welds. Inside is a rollcage and Kirkey race seats.”

Tim Colefax
1971 HQ Holden Monaro

“MY GENUINE GTS Monaro is fitted with a forged, blown L98 six-litre built by Sam at Westend Performance. The Blower Shop 8/71 sits on a Shaun’s Custom Alloy manifold, and is topped with a pair of Holley 750 carbs. The mill is managed by an MSD 6LS. The rest of the driveline includes a full-manual, reverse-pattern TH400 with a 3500rpm Dominator converter, and a nine-inch with 4.11:1 gears, full spool and 31-spline axles. The interior is fairly stock aside from a B&M shifter and Auto Meter gauges to keep an eye on the drivetrain. The entire build was for one purpose: to get as much street time as possible, and kill tyres along the way – hence the set-up runs on pump fuel yet still makes a healthy 769hp.”

Allan Wells
HX Holden LE Monaro

“THIS is my mate Allan’s immaculate LE Monaro. Al was a gentleman and loved his cars, but unfortunately he passed away on 1 May this year at the age of 73. The car has a stroked 308 topped by a 750 Holley, backed with a Turbo 350 transmission, 2500 stall converter and 3.08:1 limited-slip diff. Anything that has been repaired, replaced or re-covered has been done strictly to original specifications, and the car is pristine throughout.

I was honoured to be invited to attend his funeral (considering only 10 people were allowed due to COVID-19) and his LE, an orange HQ GTS and an HQ Monaro accompanied the hearse to his final resting place. Al’s wife Julie is heavily involved in the Hunter Valley Monaro Car Club, and she will be keeping the car that Al so meticulously maintained here in Newcastle.” Words: Andrew Norris

Mark Cawley
1970 Dodge D100 Pick-up & 1979 Dodge D100 van

“HERE are two of my Dodges. The D100 pick-up runs a 360, 727 auto and a nine-inch diff, and rolls on huge rubber all ’round. I did the patina paint myself earlier this year.

The 1979 van is powered by a 318 V8 backed by a Torqueflite auto – standard running gear, but the rest of the van has been pimped out in a period 70s theme. Both vehicles are daily drivers.”

David Fisher
2009 VE Commodore International

“THIS is my VE International wagon that I’ve converted to full HSV ClubSport GXP spec. It runs an LS3/auto combo and puts out 435hp at the wheels. The photo above was taken during the recent Lithgow fires at the old blast furnace. I would love to see it in the mag!”