Project Cobra is starting to come together!


LAST time we saw the Sidchrome Project Cobra, its tubular chassis was getting assembled, as was the fibreglass body. Now the guys at Python Vehicles Australia have finished adding the suspension, brakes and steering to the frame and completed the fabrication of the countless brackets and bespoke pieces needed to mate a brand-new Coyote V8 to the classic Cobra.

AC Cobra Replica Build 2At this stage, the engineer is called in to check that everything will meet the letter of the law, before the body is trial-fitted for the first time. The body will come on and off multiple times, so that the Python boys can check and double-check that everything works perfectly before the car is bathed in Sidchrome red duco. Nobody wants to go back and re-engineer anything after the paint is done! And don’t think that because the shell is fibreglass that the bodywork is easy; there is a ton of work involved in getting the foundations right so that the end result is show-quality.

AC Cobra Replica Build 3In our next instalment, the driveline will be fitted to the car and all the plumbing and wiring will be done to the point that the Cobra will be able to be driven around without a body. Then the whole vehicle will be blown apart, with every single piece bagged and tagged, before going off for coating. Once it all comes back, Joe will have an awesome jigsaw puzzle to assemble, after which the car will head off for paint.

AC Cobra Replica Build 4And best of all, Sidchrome are giving this one-of-a-kind Cobra away to a lucky new owner. For your chance to win, visit