Episode Three of our video series on the wild AC Cobra replica that Sidchrome and Python Vehicles Australia are cooking up


Things are really starting to take shape with the Sidchrome Project Cobra!

In this episode, we see it get fitted with its killer driveline, including a 5.0-litre Ford Coyote V8. The donk is a brand-new item from Sean Hyland Motorsport in Canada, but when we broke the box open we found that it was delivered without the intake manifold. That’s because this particular crate motor is intended to be a straight replacement for brand-new Mustangs, meaning the intake manifold and a few other items are surplus to requirements. That sent Python boss George Vidovic off on a quest to track down an intake, leaving his mechanic Joe to press on without it. Not only that, but we were also short a bellhousing to mate the engine to the Tremec five-speed gearbox.

SIDCHROME-PROJECT-COBRA-PART-THREE-chassisNevertheless, there is still a ton of fabrication work to be done on the car, meaning that mechanic Joe has a lot to press ahead with in the meantime. For example, the width of the Coyote motor means that the steering will need to be relocated, and without air conditioning or power steering, Joe will have to set up a custom accessory drive on the front of the engine.

SIDCHROME-PROJECT-COBRA-PART-THREE-engineOnce all the parts have arrived, Joe will finish the car off to the point that it could be fired up and driven around with the body off – we’re talking the complete fuel system, brakes and wiring all complete. Then, he’ll blow the completed car to pieces, bag and tag every last nut and bolt and then send away everything that needs to get plated or coated. The car will then be assembled again, and it will be time for paint. The idea of all that is that there shouldn’t be any need to re-engineer anything once the glossy Sidchrome red duco goes on the car. Fingers crossed!

SIDCHROME-PROJECT-COBRA-PART-THREE-engine -2One thing is for sure: This will be a spectacular car, and despite the soothing touch of the modern engine, she is going to be a hairy-chested beast. No power steering, no air conditioning and no traction control – this Cobra is a real sports car the way Carroll Shelby intended. And you can win it! For all the info you need to enter, visit