ProFlo-built, blown 427ci Windsor V8 combo

ProFlo Performance pieced together this 1100hp blown and injected Windsor for a customer's Street Elite XY sedan


Sometimes a bloke needs an 1100hp blown and injected small-block Ford to power his street car, and in the event that he does, there are worse places to turn to than ProFlo Performance. ProFlo has built more blown bent-eights than most people have had hot dinners, and this one performs as good as it looks.

First published in the June 2023 issue of Street Machine

Measuring in at 427ci, it runs a Dart block, Callies Magnum crank, Callies Ultra rods and RaceTec pistons for a 10:1 static compression ratio. The camshaft is a solid-roller item, custom ground by Crow Cams to ProFlo’s specs, being 268/[email protected] duration and around 0.700in lift.

Up top, you’ll find a set of AFR 220 alloy heads, which have been ported and decked out with Jesel rockers and topped with a rather impressive looking induction system. The blower is a BDS 8/71 that’s 10 per cent overdriven, drawing in air through one of ProFlo’s hot new PFP billet injector hats.

The hat is a modern take on the old-school mechanical hats we’re used to seeing on drag and burnout cars, but it’s loaded with eight 1500cc injectors for optimum driveability and tuneability. The EFI system, along with the eight LS coil packs, will be run by a FuelTech FT550 ECU.

A traditional wet oiling system is retained, with a Melling Select oil pump drawing the good stuff from a Moroso high-volume pan.

With lashings of billet hardware from the electric water pump to the blower drive system, Shaun’s Custom Alloy rocker covers and the aforementioned PFP hat, everything that isn’t polished has been colour-coded to match the car, and it looks an absolute treat.

“It’s going into an XY sedan that was originally the customer’s dad’s,” said ProFlo’s Paul Sant. “It’s being built as a Street Elite car that’ll also double as an event car, and while we haven’t dynoed this engine yet, we’ve built the same combo before and it made 1100hp in street trim on E85.”

A fearsome-looking, blown and injected Windsor with four-digit power figures and modern road manners? Sign us up!


We’re used to seeing an octopus dangling off the front of most Windsor V8s, but this one runs an MSD cam sync instead.

Not only does it look a whole bunch neater, but it also clears the blower snout and facilitates the use of one LS coil pack per cylinder for a stronger spark.

ProFlo Performance
Campbeltown, NSW