United Speed Shop chop up a HR Holden sedan to create a custom two-door coupe!


ALTHOUGH Holden never offered a two-door coupe until they unveiled the HK Monaro in 1968, that hasn’t stopped enterprising Aussies from making their own out of models built in GM-H’s first 20 years of production. Few of these, however, have gone to the lengths that United Speed Shop has to make its custom HR coupe look as if it was made by Holden itself.

The man behind the Newcastle business, Ryan Carter, and his team recently started work on a pillarless two-door HR coupe for Melburnian Andy Billiet. The aim is to make it what Americans refer to as a ‘phantom’ – almost indistinguishable from a factory-built car.

“The HR lends itself to the pillarless coupe styling, as I think it has a real Nova look to it,” says Ryan, who has been dreaming of building an HR in this style for some years now. “This is not a car I’d ever want to own, but this is a project I’ve always wanted to build, so I am really happy we’re doing it.

“I want to make sure it is done properly and that it looks like a factory-designed and built two-door coupe. There is a big difference between a two-door conversion and making it a coupe, which has a different roof profile. We will also incorporate GM design language of the era.”

In addition to lengthening the doors, shifting the pillar back and stopping it at the window sill, and welding up where the rear doors were, United’s Jeff Bates and Brendan Hallam will also make new C-pillars and sail panels to suit the new roof profile, new rear wheel tubs and boot floor, a fuel tank mount and much more. And all with factory-style swage lines to ensure good strength!

The drivetrain hasn’t been signed off on yet, but is likely to also be period-inspired, with triple Webers or ITB injection on a J.ZED-headed hot red Holden six, with a five-speed manual.

Stay tuned to for more details soon.