Mick Jones’s 1942 Chev pick-up

Mick Jones's Chev pick-up, ‘Bootlegger’, is his spin on the kustom kulture greats

Photographers: Steve Kelly

“My Chev pick-up, ‘Bootlegger’ is my spin on the kustom kulture greats. I grew up watching shows like The Munsters and I loved George Barris’s ‘Drag-U-La’ – I wanted that kind of hot rod.

First published in the April 2022 issue of Street Machine

When it came time to build a car for my kustom painting business, it had to be different, and I wanted to go over the top with my paintwork.

It’s a mix of old and new, all painted in PPG. With the help of Spot On Performance, Deathwish Inc Hotrods, Platinum Trimming, Travis Cowley and PPG, I got the DipIt Kustoms ‘Bootlegger’ on the road. The pick-up has been chopped and channelled and rocks a 346ci LS up front.

The mill was fully torn down and freshened-up from top to bottom, and wears a 6/71 BDS billet-cased blower and twin Holley Stealth 4150 EFI kits, controlled by a Holley HP EFI ECU package tuned by Spot On to a figure of 500hp on a roller dyno.

Shifting all this power is an Elite Automatics TH350 and converter package, backed by a nine-inch Truetrac diff.

Another cool feature is the custom beer-keg fuel tank and EFI pump set-up in the tray.”