Maz Romandini’s 1966 Mustang coupe

Maz Romandini is entrenched in the Melbourne car scene, not only as a member of several clubs but also through the Facebook page she runs, Melbourne Muscle Car Girls

Photographers: Greg Forster

GROWING up surrounded by Blue Oval muscle sealed Maz’s fate early on, and while she matured to enjoy anything cool, it’s the sound of a deep, rumbling V8 that truly makes her heart flutter – and none more so than her tough 1966 Mustang coupe.

What drew you to the Muzzy, Maz?

I was always a car girl, and now that my kids are getting older, the time had come to get my own cruiser. I looked for a V8 daily for a few years and nothing suited, so I ordered a new Mustang. Two weeks later a friend told us about a red, right-hand-drive, 289ci-powered 1966 Mustang coupe, so I bought it. I’ve nicknamed my ’66 ‘The Old Girl’ to differentiate between my two Mustangs.

Was it a case of V8 or nothing?

Yes! I feel that V8s are ingrained in the fabric of Australians. I had to have one – the rumble is amazing. My 2016 Mustang is also a V8, but out of the two I prefer working on The Old Girl, as I grew up around older cars.

Have you done much to the ’66?

First, I added a bigger exhaust so that the 289ci had the right note. Now that’s been replaced by a 347ci stroker with a lumpier cam and bigger carb. I’ve also added a C10 auto, 2500 stall and new 81⁄2-inch diff centre with an LSD. Nice! Looks like the interior copped a freshen-up, too. Yes, I stripped it all and added Dynamat and fresh carpet. Then I had a friend trim the seats in the TMI covers, with extra padding. Between the padding and the suede, the buckets hold me better when cornering. Another addition is the Dakota Digital gauges, which fit in the factory fascia. They look original though, as I prefer an old car to look old-school.

Cool luggage rack!

It’s an original factory option. I wasn’t sure I liked it at first, but now I find it’s a point of difference. Next year The Old Girl is getting a much-needed respray, and I might change up the stance too, lowering it a little. But I’m contemplating what to do with the luggage rack, so I might just have two boots: one with and one without the rack. They’re easy enough to swap out.

Get up to much in The Old Girl?

There’s absolutely nothing I enjoy more than fat-arming it down the road, engine roaring and music blasting. Also, it’s great to meet up with friends and cruise to a show or just get a coffee. Catching up with like-minded friends is what it’s all about.

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