Kranzy’s 1967 HR Holden – Reader’s Ride

Kranzy’s HR Holden is a garage-sale miracle

Photographers: Greg Forster

KRANZY’S old-school HR Holden was a garage-sale find on a trip back from Bendigo to Geelong two years ago. “We were driving down the Calder and I saw the sign for a garage sale, and then I saw the ‘for sale’ sign on the HR and knew we had to stop,” says Kranzy. The classic Holden was sporting old-school Skoglunds all ’round and an 80s stance, but he could see the potential for improvement.

First published in Street Machine’s 2020 Yearbook. Photos: Greg Forster

Holden HR rear

Once home, Kranzy set about shortening the diff, mini-tubbing the rear and chopping down the rear ride height by six inches. He then shoehorned a set of original 15×8 Center Lines with 255/60 boots under the rear quarters. Fronts are 15×3½ running 155/80 rubber. “Some people ask why it doesn’t have the original wheels, but it’s the look I wanted and I love it,” he says.

Kranzy also added a neat under-dash air con unit. “I put another Holden six on the engine stand and figured out how to fabricate a new mount to suit the Sanden universal AC compressor,” he explains. The universal under-dash vent kit was then retrofitted by modifying the centre console, using a condenser up front with a thermo fan. “It works really well; it throws out ice cubes!” he says.

The interior and exterior were already in pretty good condition, but Kranzy gave them both a tidy-up to turn his HR into a properly neat cruiser.

The car came with the fettled 186 (bored to 192ci) built essentially to Torana XU-1 specs, using a Yella Terra head, XU-1 spec Crow cam, balanced Starlite rods and a set of triple SU carbies. Electronic ignition provides the spark, while a set of extractors remove the spent gases. A Trimatic ’box with a Dominator high-stall sends power down to the 3.36:1-ratio banjo diff.

The car is fully engineered for the ride height, wheels, engine and all. “People ask why I didn’t put a V8 in it or why I put a/c in it, but I just wanted this to be a nice cruiser; I already have two V8 cars, so the six is a nice change. It’s just magnificent to drive.”

The HR’s stablemates include a 400ci ’68 Camaro that has also featured in our Readers’ Rockets section, and a factory V8 VN Calais he’s currently preparing to take to Drag Challenge later in the year.