Harrop-blown LX Torana hatch

Joel Choyce uses his Torana as a daily and also at the track


“Here is my 1977 LX Torana hatch. The car had a stout Haddad-built Holden 355 stroker when I purchased it four years ago, but after many late nights in the garage at home over six weeks, and help from one of my good mates, Andrew Murray, it now runs a 430ci LSX paired with a Harrop TVS2650 blower.

It’s shifting through a Shotgun Performance Powerglide and Ford nine-inch diff. The current tune is running 13.8psi of boost, making 910rwhp. I’ve now upgraded the injectors and added more boost, with the goal of making closer to 1100rwhp.

The hatch gets driven everywhere as a daily or at the track. It’s taken a long time to get the car where I want it, but I’m stoked with the outcome.

Big thanks to Andrew Murray from AIM Performance for the impeccable workmanship, being the mastermind behind the whole build, and all the help from start to finish.

Thanks also to Adam Dudkowski for working his magic with the auto electrics over the whole car.” Photos: Steve Kelly