Readers’ rockets: Jess & Bill Cvetkovska’s XW/XY Falcons

Love of the Blue Oval runs strong in the Cvetkovski family


Ford fanatic Jess Cvetkovska bought her XW Falcon as a project in 2015. Her dad, Bill, has owned his XY since he was a teenager in 1977. Here, Jess touches on the family history of the cars and where her passion for these classic Falcons came from.

First published in the May 2024 issue of Street Machine

“My XW Falcon featured in the March 2022 edition while it was being built. She’s been running since October 2022 and goes like a champion.

“Dad’s is a 1971 XY and he’s had it since he was a teenager in 1977. It has been in our family since then, and we’ve seen it evolve over the decades.

“He has made modifications over the years, but within the last 20 years he’s kept it as original as when he bought it. These days we drive the cars around together for weddings, and often go for nice Sundays together as a family with the two cars. A Falcon turns heads when you see one, but when you see two side by side, people really look!

“My dad and brother live and breathe the XY, and my XW is my absolute favourite thing in the world. I find myself tinkering with it most weeknights.

“These cars have really brought out the petrol-loving side of us, remain a very prominent topic at the dinner table. My dad brought all four of us kids home from the hospital in the XY; when I have children, I’ll be doing the same with my XW.”

Words: Jess Cvetkovska