Craig Johnson’s Holden LH Torana

Craig Johnson's bought this Holden LH Torana 25 years ago as his first car


“THE LH is the first car I purchased, 25 years ago. It originally ran a 253/Trimatic driveline, but after a few years I replaced it with a mild 350 SBC, Turbo 350 ’box and nine-inch, along with a new purple paintjob.

This article was first published in the July 2019 issue of Street Machine

The car was driven as a daily for the next few years, before life got in the way and it was retired to the shed. But in 2016 it was time to get it back on the road, so the entire car was stripped to bare metal and I attacked the bodywork under the watchful eye of Peter Wells, who also applied the Glasurit Voodoo Blue paint.

The team at Tremaniac Racing bolted together a fresh, Dart-blocked 421ci small-block Chev, with a custom-ground Comp solid-roller cam and all the best internals, CNC-machined AFR heads, Super Victor 2 manifold and Quick Fuel Diamond 950cfm carby. It made 662hp on the dyno.

Gearbox is now a Hughes T350, reverse-patterned, fully manualised and transbraked, with a 4800rpm TCE converter, backed by a nine-inch with 31-spline axles, Truetrac centre and 3.7 gears. It’s a cranky-sounding little motor that turns heads wherever it goes.”

Holden LH Torana dash