Barn-find HK Monaro, mint VN Commodore & monster Landcruiser: Facebook finds

Our picks this week include a monster LandCruiser, an HK Monaro shed-find, and a surprisingly perfect VN Commodore


EVERY single day, Mr Zuckerberg’s great time-suck throws up a mix of weird and wonderful cars to tempt us; here are four that took our fancy this week. Tips are welcome; email us here: [email protected]


This ’91 VN Executive has a claimed 74,000km on the clock with full log books, and judging by the photos, it’s probably fair dinkum. How the clear coat has survived all this time is a wonder, but it must have spent most of its life undercover.

$6900 is a big ask for a base-model VN Commodore, but a couple of generations of P-plater abuse (and the VN’s average build quality) means that few have survived in this condition. But as they say, nostalgia ain’t what it used to be! Let’s hope the cassette player still works.


The 2017 muscle car boom is bringing all the boys to the yard. The seller reckons this one came from the factory as a 307 and Powerglide-equipped GTS in Silver Mink. There is just over a day left on the eBay auction, with a current bid of $47K. Ouch!

The car is currently fitted with a 253 and Trimatic combo, although it has three pedals for some reason. Said to have been in storage for 30 years, the HK must have been quite the hottie back in the day, with flared rear guards, cool Delta five-spokes and a tell-tale hole in the bonnet.


The late South Australian motor racing identity Clem Smith OAM had one amazing car collection, and it’s up for auction by Mossgreen on August 20th at Mallala Motorsport Park in South Australia. It is a fascinating group of cars, including his Charger sports sedan.

Smith had raced Valiants in Touring Car racing in the 60s and early 70s before building the spaceframe-chassis Charger. The beast is powered by a 355ci NASCAR-spec Chrysler small block, with Lucas fuel injection, a Hewland transaxle and a weight of just over 1000kg!


This monster ’93 Toyota LandCruiser could be the perfect vehicle for surviving the zombie apocalypse – at least until your supply of fuel runs out. Which may not take very long, as this thing is packing some serious heat. The engine is a built 1FZ-FE straight six, running a Garret GT40 turbo, water/air intercooler, Haltech ECU and everything needed to support well over 500hp.

Besides sheer speed, a 3in lift kid and chunky Yokohama Geolander rubber will help you overcome obstacles as you speed away from your zombie pursuers.