Hailey Murphy’s 253-powered LC Torana

Hailey Murphy’s thongslapper-motivated 1971 LC Torana is one schmick streeter

Photographers: Shaun Tanner

Doused in fresh Electric Teal paint, rocking Sandalwood factory trim and rolling on 15-inch Sprintmasters, Hailey’s LC Torana is a great example of a well-turned-out ride and something that she’s rightfully proud of.

First published in the August 2022 issue of Street Machine

So, Hailey, the LC was your first car back in 2010 – tell us about that.

I was turning 16 and was thinking of what car to buy, and I’d always thought Toranas were cute and small. I bought the LC off a friend; it was untouched and original, with rust, dents and shocking crow’s feet. She had a dark green body with a bronze roof and bronze stripe, so I gave her the name Vicky because she reminded me of a VB can.

When did you do her up?

While on my Ls and Ps, I drove the LC to every car show I could. Then in 2015, Dad and I swapped the six-cylinder for a 253ci V8, which led to the process of getting it engineered and on modified club plates. The full restoration started in 2020, and the LC was back driving the following year.

How did you choose the colour?

My painter refused to paint it purple, saying that there were too many purple Toranas in the world. My runner-up choice was Electric Teal, as it would catch my eye every time I saw it on the street. The whole colour scheme is beach vibes, from the teal paint to the neutral interior. And I love all the chrome trim – that’s something I find so tough. ‘Chrome the world’ has been my motto.

Did you do any work on the resto yourself?

After the body and paint was done, Dad and I reassembled the whole car over many bevvies in his shed. We only had Friday nights and weekends to get it all done, and I was back driving it a year later. Working with Dad was great; we’re always mucking around.

What’s the history of the car?

Before the resto, Dad and I got talking to a bloke at All Holden Day who told us that his ex-mother-in-law bought the car new. She ordered GTR factory options, including the rear sway-bar, dash, steering wheel, air cleaner, carby and exhaust manifold. So that was cool to find out.

Nabbed any tinware?

The LC’s first judged show was the Lang Lang Show ’n’ Shine in February this year; I was 10 votes off winning the People’s Choice award. Next was Dandenong All Holden Car Show in April, where I won Best LC/LJ/TA Modified. I cried accepting the trophy; I was so proud.

Congrats on your recent nuptials, too.

We got married in April, and the wedding was like a car show with everyone’s cars parked out the front of the venue; it was awesome. My family are revheads, and my husband Dodge and his family are all Mopar heads, so it’s great having two car families. Cruising together is mint!

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