An outback graveyard filled with over fifty cars that didn’t make it across the Nullarbor

Photographers: Ellen Dewar

Street Machine snapper Ellen came across this incredible collection of rusted-out classic metal while on a 4X4 Australia shoot in the Nullarbor National Park near the SA/WA border.

The old Koonalda Homestead houses around 80 old cars that conked out crossing the Nullarbor and were left to rust in peace by their owners. The homestead used to be one of the only fuel stops along this barren car-killing part of the country and became a burial ground over the years.

“It was a very interesting stop for me, as my mum drove from Perth to Melbourne in a Mini Moke along this section of road in 1969 as a Brit fresh off the boat with another female, a tent and a shotgun. They gaffer taped the doors to stop the dust only to have the windscreen shatter. I could imagine it, as the road was a shocker to drive on now!” Ellen said.