Expression Session: NASCAR-inspired Aussie muscle

Giving Aussie muscle a tough-as-guts NASCAR makeover

Photographers: Ryan Carter

Complete with 750hp, 8500rpm, 355ci carburettored small blocks and a stock silhouette, NASCAR (or Winston Cup) Racing is America’s most popular form of motor racing.

First published in the November 2002 issue of Street Machine

In 2001 more than 7.5 million spectators paid good money to sit trackside to cheer-on the 200mph (320km/h) action during the 43-race season. Considering the immense popularity of NASCAR racing, it’s surprising there’s not a plethora of look-a-likes cruising around.

That said, we decided to see what a tough Aussie coupe would look like given the NASCAR treatment. You can almost picture NASCAR legend himself, Richard Petty, sliding behind the wheel of a HQ Coupe or XB Falcon Hardtop stock car, whaddya reckon?

Start with a clean streeter rather than a basket case. Power it with a stout small-block backed by a stick shift four or five-speed, then dump it over those NASCAR-mandated 9.5×15-inch steelies. Complete the theme with authentic 70s-style war paint.

For all its speed, NASCAR uses very crude implements – included welded-shut doors – so don’t get carried away with all the frivolous fancy fluffy stuff. Fill the interior will be lots of sheet aluminium, add a few gauges and a pair of racing buckets. Oh, yeah, don’t forget a big-arse 17-inch steering wheel!