They say if you can’t be fast, be spectacular. These guys go for both!


DRAG Week is one of those totally overwhelming events and trying to narrow down a favourite car out of nearly 400 entrants is nigh-on impossible. In fact, we had trouble trying to come up with our 10 most-spectacular cars at Drag Week 2016. But nevertheless, here they are, leaving out the Aussie entries, because they are already at the top of our list. Most of the cars here made the Top 10 simply because the owner had the audacity to do something different – like stuff a nitrous-sucking big block into a Suzuki Vitara! Or, the insanity of running a pump gas for the street, nitro (as in, the stuff that Top Fuel cars run) for the track system. So here are they are, we’ll have plenty of video of all of them as the week progresses.

1278-015-drag -weekIt’s hard to believe that this 2010 Camaro, with its 2075hp twin-turbo Steve Morris-built LSX, still has factory a/c, radio and power windows! Owned by Clark and Amy Rosenstengel, it has previously run a best of 7.80 and will be one to keep an eye on during Drag Week 2016.

Drag Week _NJ_Low Res _040_2Troy Clark’s Model A coupe gets plenty of air, thanks to a twin turbo, 380ci Windsor V8

1420-027-drag -weekFrank Saponaro’s ’67 Nova wagon won the Quickest Without A Trailer gong last year, running high sevens thanks to a twin-turbo BBC.

2-039-drag -weekKevin Studaker’s insane wheelstanding 1972 Chevelle wagon runs nines with naturally aspirated LS power!

2-037-drag -weekCanadian Derek Mueller is hoping for nines at Drag Week this year from his crazy aluminium-bodied 1977 FJ Land Cruiser, which is packing a stroked 408ci Mopar small-block up front and a healthy 300-shot of giggle gas.

1182-005-drag -weekThe wheelbase of Vinnie Barbone’s little Chev Geo Tracker – or Suzuki Vitara to us Aussies – has been stretched four inches to a ‘mammoth’ 90 inches (228cm). With a BluePrint Engines 454ci small-block cratey up front – not to mention a 150-shot of nitrous – it’ll be interesting to see how this pocket rocket goes on Drag Week.

1236-010-drag -weekRobert Berry owns this slightly wild-looking ’45 Chev pick-up. Powered by a Dodge diesel with 64mm and 80mm turbos, it produces a whopping 65psi of boost!

1254-011-drag -week‘Wild’ Bill Alexander made everything from the chassis up to create this period-perfect ’41 Willys gasser. Muscle comes from a 468ci Chev sporting a 6/71 supercharger sourced from a 1963 Chicago city bus! With a 400hp shot of NOS, it’s good for around 1200hp.

1355-021-drag -weekHere’s Brian Kohlmann taking a well-deserved nap, having been up all night to get his ’31 Chrysler CM Six coupe to Drag Week on time. The blown Hemi-powered coupe is the only car running nitro in this year’s event, but runs pump fuel on the street with a clever removable magneto set-up.

6902-drag -weekMatt Blasco’s Dodge Dart is a monster street car with seven-second timeslips to its name, thanks to a twin-turbo 572-cuber.