This year marks 40 years of the Holden Gemini - time for a nostalgic reflection


The Holden Gemini has been bought, sold, crashed, fixed and modified by generations of Aussies. My mum had a poo-brown one and chances are, yours did too. The Gemini was the people’s car of Australia – cheap, durable and the number-one selling four-banger in the country at one point.

This year marks 40 years since the birth of the Gemini and to celebrate, we ran an epic eight-page story on the history of the model in the July issue. We’ve featured a bunch of them over the years, with hot fours, sixes and V8s under the bonnet. They’ve won plenty of tinware over the years too. Todd D’Elboux’s sedan landed in the Top 10 in 1989 and Drago Ostric’s wagon nailed Grand Champion award at Summernats 17 and People’s Choice at Summernats 15. Check them – and plenty of other hot Geminis – out in the gallery.