Our Facebook readers share their cars that they have owned for 25 years or more


We’ve seen many cars featured in SM over the years that have been or become precious family heirlooms. Whether they were bought brand new off the lot back in the day and then handed down through the clan, or maybe the first car you owned that is still your pride and joy decades later, there’s always a cool story behind them. We asked our readers on the Street Machine Facebook page who has owned their car for 25 years or more and the response was huge. Here are some of our favourites…

Danny Van Der StroomDanny van der Stroom I have owned my XA GT for 39 years. It appeared in Street Machine in the late 80s, then had it’s own feature article in the early 90s, and was also an Eager Maniac for a couple of months on the back cover :)

Michelle FitzpatrickMichelle Fitzpatrick 43 years.

Matthew VisentinMatthew Visentin 26 years ago in 1991. My parents bought me the HQ for my first car at the age of 15.

Russel Soper Russel Soper Since 1991. I’ve owned it longer than my Grandparents did, and they bought it new in 1972. (That’s my Grandma with the car, around 1980). I eventually want to paint it back to the original Balmoral Green but with a GTS theme. The car had rusty doors when I bought it so I had it painted (patina wasn’t cool in the 90s.)

Boris ViskovicBoris Viskovic My grandfather bought this new and had it for 19 years. I’ve been driving it for 31 years. Still my grandfather’s old car. :) That’s my Baba and Dida when the car was new.

Boris ViskovicBoris Viskovic Here’s a recent pic, I’ve owned it since 1986. People just kept asking me when I was going to fix it up. How times change. LOL.

Ralph Van Leeuwen Ralph Van Leeuwen 26 years.

Paul Henry N RustyPaul Henry N Rusty Two of them: My first car, a ’64 Mini that I’ve owned for 32 years now, and this ’58 Chev “Rusty” that I’ve had for 25 years.

Scott EffScott Eff My father-in-law purchased his GTR XU1 new and still has it.

Scott EffScott Eff A very close friend of mine purchased this SLR 5000 new and still has it.

Rick LoweRick Lowe I owned my ’39 Deluxe Sloper for almost 32 years, ’73 until ’04.

Rick LoweAdam Robin XW ute for 27 years.

Craig FanksCraig Franks I’ve had my VC for 26 years, my brother has had his Charger for 28 years and my parents have had the Monaro since new.

Andy BoultAndy Boult Original car bought in 1990, I rebodied it in 1995 due to rust, but I owned my first blue Charger in 1983.

John GalloJohn Gallo Bought her in 1979.

Stue MoeStue Moe Since 1999. Survived two marriages, two house losses and greedy solicitors etc. LS swap on its way.

Peter CampbellPeter Campbell Custom HK Holden Panel Van, owned for 30 years.

Richie LehrnerRichie Lehrner 27 years.

Ant WorthRick Tow Yep, 34 years I’ve had the ol’ girl (since age 17).

Peter HatzigeorgiouPeter Hatzigeorgiou Since 1992.

Mario Vassallo TRIKHQMario Vassallo Trikhq Had mine for 39 years. Bought in May 1978.

Dave Milko MilkinsDave Milko Milkins 28 years for my Camaro. Top Coupe at 2002 Summernats.

Glenn TorrensGlenn Torrens Yep…

Scott McKenzieScott Mckenzie 28 years

Dennis AndronasDennis Andronas 1989

Graeme KnorrGraeme Knorr Bought in 1984. It has been looking like this since January 1988.

Barry HudgsonBarry Hudgson 35 years

Fritz PelFrits Pel 35 years

Marlene ZupanovMarlene Zupanov Zup 351, owned since 1974.

Mick OsborneMick Osborne My First car. Owned for 29 years.

James MatthewsJames Matthews My dad’s car. Purchased new in ’72.

Greg LucaGreg Luca Mine since 1987. Dad bought it new in August 1965.

Brad TurnerBrad Turner 31 years and going strong.

Paul YoungPaul Young 40 years and counting.

Richard MayesRichard Mayes 28 years and 10-second 372ci.

Chris BoundyChris Boundy 27 years

Michael HooleMichael Hoole I’ve owned my Mazda RX4 sedan for 30 years this year.

Nick BouyioukosNick Bouyioukos Bought my Phase II in 1984 and I’ve had it for 29 years.

Roberto AlleviRoberto Allevi 33 years

Don MillsDon Mills 37 years

Ivan HansIvan Hans 25 years

Chris DickerChris Dicker Dad bought it in ’75, so 42 years.

Jay DunbarJay Dunbar 25 years this year. But 20-year build time! Haha!

Jamie ElliottJamie Elliott Since ’92

Wayne BourkeWayne Bourke 26 years

Chris AnsombeChris Anscombe Over 30 years.

John KerrJohn Kerr Been in the family since 1970, still have this one.

John KerrJohn Kerr 25 years, daily driver.

John KerrJohn Kerr First car, 27 years.

Lee LeminLee Lemin Father-in-law’s car. 1978 model, he’s had it since 1980.

Geoff WilkinsonGeoff Wilkinson Been in the family 35 years.

Jeff FrancisJeff Francis 32 yrs ;)

Craig MichailowCraig Michailow 26 years

Ben NattBen Natt 25 years

Grant MedburyGrant Medbury 40 years in 2 weeks time.

Peter ChronisPeter Chronis 1992

Not quite there yet, but definitely worth a mention…

Greg LarsenGreg Larsen 23 years

Eric Belinda HawtonEric Belinda Hawton Missed by one year – 24 if it counts.

Shane McInerneyShane McInerney Not quite 25 years, coming up to 20 later this year. This pic is from the late 1990s.

Malcolm MusolinoMalcolm Musolino Close, I’m 23 years.

Mick N Ellen MotleyMick N Ellen Motley 20 years

Jeff ButlerJeff Butler 24 years

Sammy CarboneSammy Carbone Only 23 years

Dominic PelleDominic Pelle 20 years

Dave PriorDave Prior 22 years, just about finished.

George GanterGeorge Ganter My first car before I got it registered, when I was finishing Year 12 and working as a trolley boy (old photo). Going on 18 yrs now and it’s soon to get a resto.

Chris BealeChris Beale 24 years. The first car I bought at the age of 15. It had a 179, now running a 350.

Craig JohnsonCraig Johnson 22 years. On the road for 18 years and has never been repainted in that time, except for the bonnet.

Zeke YoungberryZeke Youngberry Had my first car for 14 years, I’m only 28 and with no intention of ever getting rid of her.