The legendary Brumby FJ ute is set to rip again

Photographers: David Cook

COUNTLESS FX and FJ Holdens fought it out on the drag strips of Australia in the 1960s and 1970s, but only a handful of those original cars are still in action today. Ray Walker’s Brumby ute first raced at Sydney’s Castlereagh track from 1973 to 1977, after which the car went into hibernation. Ray and his son got the old girl back out again in 1991 when the Eastern Creek track opened. Then Ray really got the drag racing bug in a bad way and stepped up into the ex-Graeme Silk’s B/Dragster.

WEB Blown SixThese days, the Brumby is owned by Jeff and Matt Ramsay who are building an insane Holden six to power the thing. It’s a 186-cube Whipple-blown, methanol-drinking red motor running mechanical injection and Duggan heads. When it’s ready it’ll produce upwards of 650hp.That should really get the old FJ running hard! Back in the 70s, the Brumby considered fairly fast with mid 13-second timeslips, but Matt reckons the new combo will go straight into the nines without too much trouble – potentially much faster with some laps under its belt.

Of course, a fair bit of thought has gone in to getting the old six pumping out so much grunt – you can check out how the boys did it in the current issue of Street Machine.