Barra-powered Holden Monaro – Blowin’ Gaskets

Barra the rest of the world by all means, but a Monaro?


SOMEONE has dumped a Barra in an early Monaro, and at long last Ford and Holden fans have found some common ground – neither camp is impressed!

The picture popped up on Facebook recently and the mystery owner has been hit with a relentless barrage of digital hate ever since. We’ve made a few attempts to track down the culprit, but as yet no-one has claimed responsibility. If you’re behind this act of mechanical bastardry, be sure to drop us a line for a chat about the project!

In truth, we’re not entirely convinced this isn’t all an elaborate hoax. It’s not really a big job to balance a Barra in the engine bay of an HK/T/G Monaro shell for a laugh, snap a quick photo, post it online, then take a step back and watch the world burn.

But if it is real? Well, there’s no disputing that Barras and Monaros are both certifiably beaut things in isolation, but I’m a firm believer that never the twain should meet. HK/T/G Monaros have always been up on a pedestal in my books, and try as I might, fitting a Ford engine to the holy grail of Holdens is something I just can’t get my head around. Barra the rest of the world by all means, but a Monaro?

That being said, there’s little chance anything structural has been done to the car in order to fit the Barra, and in all likelihood the treasonous lump could one day be switched back out for a lovely old small-block Chev and you’d never know the difference. In the meantime, the owner will have had a ton of boosty fun with his Barra-powered Monaro while all the keyboard warriors have been sitting at home achieving precisely nothing.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on the car and they’re entitled to that much, but ultimately it’s the owner’s Monaro and he’s free to do whatever he likes with it. And while I might personally disapprove of what he’s doing, I’ll defend to the death his right to do it!

And if you own the car – or any other cool conversion you think we should know about, drop us a line!