Athena Hilton’s supercharged Holden VT Commodore

Athena loves cars, and has been around car shows, cruises and related businesses her whole life


ATHENA Hilton grew up around cars. Not that this guaranteed she’d end up getting into modified rides herself; some kids rebel, don’t they? Thankfully, Athena loves cars, and has been around car shows, cruises and related businesses her whole life. In fact, her pristine VT sedan isn’t the only custom Commodore in the shed; her partner Adam Wheeler owns the super-smooth, twin-throttle VL that we featured in our April 2018 issue.

This article on Athena’s Commodore was first published in the April 2019 issue of Street Machine

How long have you owned the VT?

I bought it as a stocker in 2007, having owned an ex-police VP before that. I was still on my Ps at the time. This was way before I met Adam, and I used it as my daily for years. I started modifying it pretty much straight away.

Apparently you come from a Ford family?

Yeah, my dad was a panel beater and both he and my mum always owned Fords. As a kid he had one of those big Falcon coupes and my mum had a nice Escort. I’m not sure why I gravitated toward Holdens, but my mum still gives it to me now!

What have you done to the car so far?

It has a Monaro bodykit and front end on it. It’s lowered on King Springs Super Low coils with 19-inch wheels almost up under the rear guards. Adam fitted the Vortech blower kit, which has made 288rwhp, and we tidied up the engine bay with some black powdercoated billet bits from Lowe Fabrications. The interior has been re-done with a diamond-stitched pattern with blue stitching – and then there are the custom MISSVT plates.

Do you cruise it much?

We go out in the car every chance I get. My kids Jake and Riley love it. I took the car to Sydney Dragway and it ran 13.4, which was fun. We go to weekend cruises and car shows and I’ve been to the last six Summernats. One of the best moments I’ve had with the car was getting accepted into the Summernats with it in 2017. I don’t love the bogans there, but I love seeing the fresh builds get unveiled.

Athena Hilton

Is there anything else planned for the car?

I have a few ideas in mind for the VT, but we’ll leave those as a surprise! I’d really love to build a late-model CV8 Monaro – only because I can’t afford an Audi R8 Spyder! That would definitely be my dream car at any price. For now, I’ll keep working on the VT and enjoying that with Adam and my boys.