Louise Brownlee well and truly bleeds Holden-red, and after years of grooming, this EH is her chosen steed

Photographers: Caprice Photography

LOUISE Brownlee fits neatly into the brought-up-right box when it comes to cars. She spent her formative years working on early Holdens in the shed with her dad, and thanks to a nomadic army-family life, she visited car shows all around Australia. These days Louise well and truly bleeds Holden-red, and after years of grooming, this EH is her chosen steed.

This article on Louise’s EH Holden was originally published in the February 2017 issue of Street Machine

Neat EH, Louise!

Thanks. I pretty much looked all over Australia for one. Then I ended up finding this two-owner ’64 EH parked out the front of the Bendigo Swap Meet 15 years ago. I rang the lady and I didn’t even argue the price – it was a bargain! I love that it has the original 13-inch rims and it was pretty much as-is; I didn’t even have to respray it.

So the paint is 15 years old?

It’s older – over 20 years – as it was the original owner who had it painted. I love the custom bronze colour with the white roof, especially as it doesn’t show the dust and dirt.

Looks like Holden six power, too!

Well, there are so many EHs with V8s, LS1s and V6s that I wanted to keep it original-looking to match the outside. Yet it needed to be tough enough to be cool to drive. We replaced the tired 186ci it had in it with an HP block that we bored out to 192 cubes. It’s running triple Webers and a Gilmer belt drive, so you really hear my EH coming! I really wanted the belt drive, though my husband Joel wasn’t as keen. He built the motor for me and fitted it to the already-tidied engine bay. Behind it is an Aussie four-speed with a banjo diff.

Inside is neat too!

It’s maroon leather, to keep it original-looking. I had a gentleman in Bendigo trim it and create the boot area just after I bought the car. I added the steering wheel then as well.

Do you drive it much?

I love getting out in it. It’s one of those things – as soon as I get in and start it up, I just don’t want to leave. Some days it saddens me to see it sitting in the garage, so I hop in and go around the block. Joel and I love hitting the open road and cruising to different events. Most recently it was the EJ-EH Holden Nationals in November as part of Shepparton Springnats. All of the EHs and EJs led the street cruise; it was an amazing feeling being part of it all.

I guess your dad is pretty happy with your chosen ride?

Dad’s got a 48-215 and an FJ; he once had an HR too. While the EH was never one of his favourite cars, I think he loves the fact that I have one.