Sandra Horne has a few cars to her name, but her love of '57 Chevs is long-standing

Photographers: Caprice Photography

Vibrant and bubbly Sandra Horne is undoubtedly a resolute gearhead. While she’s got a few cars to her name, her love of ’57 Chevs is long-standing

This article on Sandra’s ’57 Chev wagon was originally published in the October 2016 issue of Street Machine

It began as a kid thanks to her brother’s Matchbox collection; later, the cult classic Running On Empty cemented the deal. Now she finally holds the keys to her own ’57 – this sweet red long-roof.

Nice wagon Sandra!

Thanks, it’s a ’57 with factory RHD, 350, TH400 and stock diff. So many people have offered to buy it – it’s blown me away. Everyone loves it because it’s something different.

Chevrolet -wagon -rearWhat model is it?

All wagons are 210s. Mine has Bel Air flashes on the side, badging and dash. It’s not a Nomad though; so many people get the two confused. I’m forever telling people that it’s a station wagon; this has four doors whereas Nomads have two!

What mods have you done?

I bought it in February after it’d just been painted and I’ve had to do a bit of maintenance to it since then. The 350ci it came with split a bore, so that was the end of that one! It now has a new cratey thanks to my husband Daniel. I’ve also changed the wheels from billets to the Rocket Strikes with whitewalls. I want it to look like it had been hot rodded in the early 60s. I have to thank Daniel, and also the tri-five Chev Facebook pages for the great advice and free parts!

Chevrolet -wagon -engine -bayDo your young daughters like it?

I bought it so I can cruise with my daughters Lola and Peyton, and they absolutely love it! Lola, who’s five years old, came home a few weeks back and asked if we could take her and her friend out in the Chevy. I can hardly imagine what the parents would’ve thought about that – they’d probably freak out if I rocked up in the wagon.

Any other rides?

I’m building a ’32 Ford tudor with help from the family business, Horny Performance Engines & Street Rods. The Chev is a gap car while that’s getting built. It’ll run the blown 289ci Windsor, C10 gearbox and wheels from my old ’32 roadster (SM, Mar ’09), which I sold to Kym Jenke last year. I also have a ’27 Ford T-bucket; it was a gift from my dad Paul Simpson. I have a steel ’32 Ford roadster body as well, which is just sitting to one side. I’ve got a few things going on – enough to keep me poor!

Chevrolet -wagon -engine -detailHow did you catch the car bug?

My parents were into cars; Dad had a channelled ’34 Ford roadster, as well as Customlines and tank Fairlanes. Cars are now my life. That’s why I work in the automotive industry [as a Valvoline sales rep] because I get to go into workshops every day and see hot rods and street machines getting built or worked on. Get to many car shows?

Apparently I get to a lot, as people tell me: “You’re at every car show!” Also, pretty much every weekend I go to the Saturday Night Live cruise night in Melbourne. We often travel to SA for shows and I enter pin-up comps too. If I can afford it and can get time off of work, then I’m there.