Leeanne Macdonald’s 1956 Ford F100

Leeanne Macdonald bought her F100 dubbed Mae six years ago from California

Photographers: Greg Forster

LEEANNE MacDonald must have shares in a chiropractic clinic with all of the neck-snapping she does trying to catch a glimpse of any V8 she hears nearby. So in a bid to curb her insatiable appetite, she’s now cruising her own loud and healthy bent-eight in a big, red and oh-so-curvaceous ’56 F100.

This article was first published in the September 2019 issue of Street Machine

Nice truck, Leeanne!

Thanks! Her name is Mae, as in Mae West, as she’s nice, sexy and buxom. I bought her about six years ago from California. I wanted a 50s Ford truck as they’re nice and big; also I like that era, including the music.

Ford F100 engine bay

What’s she running?

A 351 Clevo; she’s pretty stock. The nose was high, so I’ve had it lowered, then shortened the nine-inch to bring the tyres inside the fenders, as well as reconditioning the C10 trans and radiator. I’ve also had hotdog mufflers put on, so now she’s sounding really good! The interior I had done not that long ago. I debated about using leopard-print, but felt more inclined to keep it on the stock side. I think that the piping looks like the bra detailing along a bustline – that was my subtle girly thing!

Ford F100 pick-up

Have you always been into cars?

Always! I love cars and V8s; I hear one and almost break my neck to look where it’s coming from. I love a good-sounding car! I bought my first V8 when I was 21 years old, a ’75 P5 Ford LTD with a 351ci, followed later by an LTD FB Town Car with all of the electrics. That one was just beautiful! I was doing it up and had it almost finished when it got knocked off; I couldn’t believe it. So after that I didn’t buy any nice cars for a while.

When was your next V8?

It’s sad when I realise it took so long between V8s – Mae was my next one. My partner Martin and I decided to get a few older cars, and that’s when we bought the ’52 Morris Minor, the ’56 FJ sedan, Mae and then a ’71 Chevy Chevelle soft-top convertible not long ago. Now our garage is full.

What do you get up to in Mae?

We do go to car shows and so forth, but on the weekend I like to get out and about, go for lunch and drive to the water; she goes really beautifully. People come up and have a chat, so it’s nice to bring other people joy as well as having a bit of fun. One of my daughters, Rebecca, is like me – she just loves cars. She’s only too happy to come along to events. She’s 21 years old and is saving for a first-generation Camaro, and she’s hoping I’ll help to fund it.

What’s next for Mae?

I might get a Jag front end to lower it more; I see other lowered trucks and they look hot! We’ve just put money into our ’71 Chev convertible, so now it’s time to put money into my car. I’ll wait until the paint is a little more worn, then I’ll get it redone. I don’t know about the colour just yet; I like patina, but I also do love the red.