302-cube Windsor-powered 1932 Ford pick-up

Pauline Dickins’ tale is as much a testament to the love between her and her hubby of over 50 years, Peter, as it is about her sweet ’32 Ford pick-up

Photographers: Luke Hunter

Bubbly Pauline Dickins is full of funny anecdotes – often accompanied by a good belly laugh – about Pete and of how her 302ci Windsor/C10/BorgWarner ’32 came to be.

This article was first published in the November 2019 issue of Street Machine

What got you into the car scene, Pauline?

I’ve been into cars since I married Pete. He built a sweet little street rod when we were courting and I just fell in love with hot rods; it was something that we did together. But, as it goes, we did the grown-up thing and sold the rod to put the foundations down on our house. That was the end of hot rods for a while.

So, how did the ’32 come about?

I found a yellow pick-up in a hot rod magazine and said to Pete that I’d really love one of those. He hesitated for about five seconds before saying: “I can build that for you Paul, but there’s one condition: you choose the colour and the interior.” Pete has a little red ’28 A-model roadster, which only fits about a toothbrush in the boot, so I remarked that the pick-up will be great as I can buy stuff and put it in the back. Pete thought that was a classic comment.

What other input did you have on the rod build?

I didn’t want a choke, but I did want everything that my 2010 Holden Calais has: central locking, automatic, air conditioning and power windows. All I wanted was to get in, turn the key and take off; none of this jerking around with high revs and not getting anywhere. Pete was so kind; he just did everything and spent hours in the shed. Our son Greg helped out too.

Was it difficult to find everything for the build?

Not really. Rod Bods built us a 100mm-longer fibreglass body and Pete bought the pick-up bed from America, then added his own stake pockets and riveted it together. The chassis is a modified 1980 Toyota HiLux, which allowed for full NSW rego at the time.

Tell us about the bright green duco.

It’s Holden Atomic green with a gold fleck through it, because I wanted an in-your-face green; I didn’t want it insipid. The pick-up is such a beautiful car that I wanted it to stand out.

Any trophies?

I recently won the Best Pick-Up and Overall Winner at a little car show in Cobram – I was on top of the world. So many people have made nice comments about the car; I’m very proud to be a hot rodder’s wife!

I reckon you’re a hot rodder too!

Yes, it kind of grows on you. I’m 71 years old and a hot rodder – that’s funny. Pete has done a beautiful job and I love him to bits – he’s a good man. Also, we have three great kids who are all into cars too. We’re one happy family!