Scott Harker's 1964 Plymouth Belvedere

“I BOUGHT my ’64 Belvedere at the start of 2017 after selling my eight-second nitrous BBC HQ, as I was looking for a change.

Plymouth Belvedere engine bayIt has a 500ci Max Wedge and the heads and manifold are period-correct 1964 items, which are very sought after. The combo has run high 10s in the USA. The mill is backed by a push-button 727 Torqueflite and Dana 60 with Truetrac and 3.9 gears, all fitted by the previous owner. The car underwent a resto six years ago with fresh paint and interior.

Plymouth Belvedere interiorI recently fitted some fresh wheels: American Racing Torq Thrust Ds (15x4.5 and 15x8.5) running M/T S/S Street Radials. I also sorted the stance to getting it sitting sweet. I bought it mainly to be able to cruise it on the weekends with the family, but it will see some track time once I make some changes to the fuel system and carbs.”

Photos: Steve Kelly

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