BRUCE Donaldson from Adelaide was always going to grow up to be a car guy, being surrounded from an early age by a succession of cool Fords owned by his dad, Joel. “These days Dad has an AU XR6 – and a really neat HQ wagon, believe it or not,” says Bruce. Here’s a brief tour of his old man’s automotive past:

Bruce -Donaldson -Ford -XDDad’s first car was a six-pot XT, which he did up with a few GT goodies (top photo). At one stage he was offered the famous Bill Bourke big-block XW for $10K, but grandad talked him out of it and he bought this XD pursuit car instead (above), complete with hi-po 351, FMX and LSD.

Bruce -Donaldson -Ford -CapriDad and his brother-in-law raced this Capri at AIR in the mid 90s. It ran an injected 357ci with SVO heads. Its best pass was 9.28 @142mph.

Bruce -Donaldson -Ford -Phase -II-GTHOThe one everyone says he should have kept (with the benefit of hindsight!) – his Diamond White Phase II GTHO.

Bruce -Donaldson -Ford -MustangThis is Dad’s Mustang after he rebuilt it. It had a tough 302W, C4, flared guards, Telstar door handles, genuine XY GT shaker, XB bonnet pins and 15in Welds. The Mustang guys hated it, they reckoned he’d wrecked it!

Bruce -Donaldson -Ford -XA-SuperbirdDad paid $3000 for this XA Superbird in 1995, complete with 302 and auto. My uncle bought it a few years later, slammed it over big Center Lines and fitted a bug catcher. It’s getting around Adelaide in the same form today.

Bruce -Donaldson -Ford -XM-FalconThis is me, my XM Falcon project and my son Tex!


Since we ran this story back in Jul 2013, Bruce has turned his XM project into a stunning custom show-stopper. See the full story here.


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